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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

7448 DHS - DCS Basic

7448 DHS - DCS Basic instrument set in sterilization tray7449 DHS - DCS Basic instrument set in sterilization tray7450 DHS - DCS implant set in sterilization tray7451 DHS, implant set in sterilization tray7452 Angled blade plate instrument set in graphic case7453 Sterilization tray small fragment instrument set DCP ,s.s,in7454 Mini instrument set with s.s implant , in sterilization tray7455 Drill bit for quick coupling diam 1.1mm , length 60mm7456 Ditto diam 1.5mm length 85mm7457 Ditto diam 1.5mm length 110mm7458 Ditto diam 2.0mm length 100mm7459 Ditto diam 2.0mm length 125mm7460 Ditto diam 2.7mm length 100mm7461 Tap for 1.5mm cortex screw7462 Tap for 2.0mm cortex screw7463 Tap for 2.0mm cortex screw7464 Tap for 2.7mm cortex screw7465 Tap for 2.7mm cortex screwF. HOSPITAL FURNITURE1 Modern hospital beds2 Ripple beds3 Portable trolley4 Cup holders5 Food services trollyes6 Chairs7 Tables8 Wheel chair9 Supplies trolley10 Cruches11 Paper work /Book shelves12 Drip stand13 Bowls on stand 12"14 Trolley15 Gallipots 6"16 Collecting bins17 Wall mounted billboard18 Patient trolley19 Patient wheel chair20 Examination Stool21 Bed Sheets – Large& Small22 Pillow Cover – Large &small23 Gowns for workers24 Surgical Sheets25 Surgical Gowns26 Matress – Large & small27 Gowns for medical staff28 Steel Urine Collector - Medium29 Steel Stool Collector - Medium30 Plastic Unine Collector31 Female Urine Collector32 Mobile Rotating Steel stool33 Fixed rotating steel stool34 Paravan35 Examination Couch36 Trolley with I.V. Stand198 of 218

37 Drug trolley38 Food Trolley39 Baby Bed40 Fowler Bed41 Infant Bed42 Dressings Trolley (two Trays)43 Patient trolley44 Nylon Bed sheets45 Mobile I.V. Stand46 Food TrayG. AMBULANCES (Standard and emergency)* Ambulances containing vacuum bottle/flask will be circulated to the committee.Partitionbetween driver's compartment and patient’s compartment full coverage panel made of sturdymaterial (press wood is not to be used) with smooth surface at both side.partition windowlarge, double sliding safety glass central windowpatient's compartmentthe patient's compartment is to be fully insulated.roof heightinside height not less than 1500mm without the thickness and reinforcement.Flooringhigh quality flooring material cemented to a suitable type of wood with aluminum molding.medicine cabinetsthe left wall of the patient’s compartment is to be partitioned into enclosed storage cabinetry.compartment space and shelf space to be conveniently located for medical supplies, devicesand installed system ad applicable for the service intended. Cabinets are to be easily openedwith shattered-proof transparent sliding door the wall is to be not more than 30 inches high.removal of cabinet is to be easy to facilitate body repair in case of an accident.technician seat - frontprovision of a technician seat at the front of the patient's compartment.technician seat-rearprovision of a technician seat at the foot of the patient's on the right end side.inside lighting systemthe patient's compartment electrical system is to be separated from the truck.identificationthe ambulance is to be identified as follows:- it is to be painted clear white- for decals for the word "ambulance", and a red crescent in arabic one on each side, one on therear, and one on the frontresuscitation equipment- two oxygen bottles, each of 500 litter capacity secured within the left wall cabinetry.- two spare oxygen bottles of 500 litter capacity in stowage cabin.- one set of english bull nose valve yoke, pressure regulator with gauge flow meter andhumidifier bottle.- three oxygen masks, one for each adult child and infant.199 of 218

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