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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

4305 Inner Hand 8S7= 205

4305 Inner Hand 8S7= 205 x80R4306 Inner Hand 8S7=205x 80R4307 Inner Hand 8S7=206 x76R4308 Inner Hand 8S7 =206x 85R4309 Inner Hand 8S7 =208 x88R4310 Inner Hand 8S7=209 x86 R4311 Inner Hand 8S7 = 210 x89R4312 Inner Hand 8S7 =212 x83 R4313 Inner Hand 8S7 =2x86 R4314 Inner Hand 8S7=225 x82 R4315 Inner Hand 8S7 =203 x83 L4316 Inner Hand 8S7 =206x 80L4317 Inner Hand 8S7=205 x81L4318 Inner Hand 8S7 = 203x85L4319 Inner Hand 8S7 =210 x88L4320 Inner Hand 8S7 =207 x86L4321 Inner Hand 8S7=208 x 85L4322 Inner Hand 8S7=211 x88L4323 Inner Hand 8S7=212x93L4324 Inner Hand 8S7 = 221 x81L4325 Otto Bock system hand 8K 10= 7 3/4R4326 Otto Bock system hand 8K 10= 7 3/4L4327 Cosmtic glove 854=210 x78L104328 Cosmtic glove 854=210 x78R114329 Cosmtic glove 854=210 x78L114330 Cosmtic glove 854=210 x78R104331 Pirrol Fat spring 9517 =34mm4332 Elasticplaster Bandage 699G1=104333 Elasticplaster Bandage 699G1=154334 Elasticplaster Bandage 699G1=354335 Cyamet fast setting adhesive 636 K11= 0,0254336 Capper Rivet 504 F2 =3x154337 Capper Rivet 504 F2 =4x254338 Elastic webbing 623 G1=254339 Hook and pile closure 623Z1 =254340 Flat Rubber valve 21Y94 =404341 Suspension sleeve 452K 7=44342 Suspension sleeve 452K 7=54343 Suspension sleeve 452K 7=64344 Prosthetic Sock, cotton 451F3 =454345 Prosthetic Sock, cotton 451F3 =604346 Rotation adapter 4R574347 Double adapter 4R72 =324348 Double adapter 4R72=454349 Double adapter 4R72=604350 Double adapter 4R72=754351 Slinding adapter 4R104=604352 Solcket adapter 4R424353 Cosmtic stocking 99B 16 =24354 Cosmtic stocking 99B 14=24355 Pedilen Toe 4 Z184356 Pedilen Sole 2 Z144357 Pedilen Heel 2F4358 Allen Wrench 709512 =44359 Allen Wrench 709512 = 54360 T-Handle Hex socket wrench 709514 =11140 of 218

4361 Calibrated measuring cap 642 B2=2004362 Calibrated measuring cap 642 B2= 4004363 Wooden stir sticks 6a9Y34364 Artificial limbs manufacturing :Orthocryl Sealing Resin4365 Orthocryl Lamination Resin4366 Hardener powder 1504367 pigment paste4368 PVA bags (diff. sizes)4369 Plastilen clay4370 Perlon Stockinette size 64371 Perlon Stockinette size 84372 Perlon Stockinette size 104373 Perlon Stockinette size 124374 Perlon Stockinette size 154375 Perlon Stockinette size 304376 Nylglass stockinette size 64377 Nylglass stockinette size 84378 Nylglass stockinette size 104379 Nylglass stockinette size 124380 Nylglass stockinette size 154381 Nylglass stockinette size 304382 Polypropylene sheet 4mm4383 Polypropylene sheet 3mm4384 Orthoplast (low temp. thermo plastic sheets)4385 Flex cork sheets 5mm4386 Flex cork sheets 10mm4387 Loctite 2414388 Pedilin Rigid foam 3004389 Hardener for Pedilin4390 Elastic webbing 25mm width4391 Elastic webbing 35mm width4392 Elastic webbing 200mm(20cm)width4393 Elastic webbing 350mm(35cm)width4394 Non Elastic webbing 25mm width4395 Non Elastic webbing 35mm width4396 Calibrated measuring cups(400cc)4397 Fast curing putty4398 Plastazoate Perforated 3mm thick .4399 Plastazoat sheet 18mm (non perfor.)4400 Cyamet fast setting adhesive4401 Cotton stock size 64402 Cotton stock size 84403 Cotton stock size 104404 Cotton stock size 124405 Cotton stock size 154406 Cotton stock size 304407 Neoprene Adhesive (quick drying rubber cement)4408 Duralumin 2mm thick4409 Duralumin 3mm thick4410 Cupper Rivets(4x20)4411 Tubi grip size 84412 Tubi grip size 104413 Tubi grip size 124414 Tubi grip size 154415 Pryx or EVA for Insoles10-12mm thick4416 Surgical scissors141 of 218

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