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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

2872 Occular pressure

2872 Occular pressure reducer with gauge, unsterile2873 Box ( of 10) spare balloons for above , unsterile2874 Box ( of 10) spare head bands for above , unsterile2875 Box ( of 3) DCR set, straight2876 Box ( of 5) Visitrec guillotine cutter , 20G2877 Retinal Implants , SterileBox ( of 5) circuling Bands , 2mm2878 Box ( of 5) circuling Band, 2.5mm x 2mm2879 Box ( of 5) strips 3.5mm2880 Box ( of 5) Grooved strips (5.7, 7.2, 9.2, 6, 7.5, 8) mm2881 Box (of 5) tries (12, 9, 6.6, 11)mm (78 style)2882 Box (of 5) tries 12 , 16 mm (281 style)2883 Box (of 5) tries 12mm (289 style)2884 Box (of 5) sponges 5 , 7 mm DIA2885 Box (of 5) sponges grooved 6.4, 7.5, 12 mm2886 Box (of 5) sleeves 2.1 mm OD x 1mm ID2887 Box (of 5) sleeves 2.4 mm OD x 1.5mm ID2888 Cross cylinder 0.25- 0.52889 Spoon Eviscration Rubby knife 30/ 45 tip 2mm2890 Handle for above2891 Towel clips crossaction2892 Cooled man perimeter chart recording paper2893 Fluorescine injection 25% , 2 ml amp.2894 Rubens ophthalmic pillow2895 Cystitomes cutter morfield2896 Eye shells single covard2897 Other Items :Eye - coat 2% hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose in 1.5ml syring, (viscoelastic)2898 Box (of12) vico sutures , 6.5mm spatulated needle ,3/8C, 10/0 monofilament nylon, 45cm2899 Box (of12) vico sutures ,5mm spatulated needle ,3/8C, 10/0 monofilament nylon, 45cm2900 Box (of 12) sutures , for scleral fixation of posterior & Anterior chamber 10 LS straight2901 Cataract surgical sets (E.C.C.E & I.O.L)2902 Sets of contact & non contact fundus viewing lenses (volks or ocular)2903 capsules scissores curved2904 Disposable knife for scleral tunnel incision2905 Intra - Occular lenses, anterior and posterior2906 corneal Graft Punch2907 Orbital implant size: 16 , 182908 Langs spoons and dissector2909 Zoellner DCR suction tube2910 Pack of 3 epilation needls , striaght , angled2911 Snellens vectis2912 Landolts vectis2913 castroviejo caliper and rule2914 Wordsworth cautery , long tip2915 Disposable cannula , knives ETC box (of 10 ) atkinson retobulbar needes 25 G x 1 1/2 "2916 Box (of 10) posterior capsule scraper , 23 G2917 Three mirrors class for slit lamp2918 Maddox wing2919 Leads and opthalmic forceps for bipolar coagulation MEM or MRTW2920 Seft lips for bioscon / S TROZ2921 Flourescin vial & film B/W 400 ASA2922 Micro corneo scleral & tissue forceps non toothed hoskin type striaght and curved2923 Micro suture tying forceps2924 Capsules forceps , angled & straight2925 10 L hooks , siniskl or similar type2926 Micor corneal scissores Rt & Lf2927 Diamond knife for cornel incisioin114 of 218

2928 Swan neck blue forceps2929 Iris forceps fine tip , straight & curved2930 Vannas micro scissors curved2931 Disposaple iris retractor2932 Kits for visitrec anterio vitretomy instrument & 9V battereies2933 Remote action scissor for pupillay membraine cutting2934 Intra-Ocular lens Posterior chamber Power from 17Diopter to 22 Diopter2935 Intra -Ocul ar lens Anterior champer Power from 13-to 17 Diopter2936 Repositor Silver, Metal handle , single ended, curved 5.5" (140mm)2937 Lister Eyelid retractor, with sold blades, for right eue 3.5" (83mm)2938 Lister Eyelid retractor, with sold blades, for Left eue 3.5" (83mm)2939 Graefe muscle hook (small , mediume , large) 5.25" (133mm)2940 Rollet Lacrymal Retractor 5 3/4" (146mm) Used in pains.2941 Moorfields Artery forceps feather weight 4 3/4" (121mm)2942 Halstead mosquito, curved half matt 5" (125mm)2943 Ultrafine Haemostatic forceps cro;e, straight, half matt 5.5" (140mm)2944 Creene chalazion forceps 3 3/4" (95mm)2945 Set of Oculer Len Test2946 Snellen's, stainless steel2947 Govan's depressor marker, scleral,2948 Blades curved lens forceps, stainless steel,2949 Bonnacolto fragment capsule forceps , without catch, stainless steel.2950 Barraquer's with very fine Jaws for 4 and 5 mm N (Needle Holder)..2951 Box (of 5 ) circuling Bands , 202 mm2952 Micro corneal curved2953 Micro needle holder curved2954 Bell Taylors vectis , stainless steel2955 Barraquer , curved no catch , standard2956 Set (of 6 ) sjarp spoons for tarsal cysts2957 Ocutome probe (Vitrectomy probe ) long type2958 Eye prosthsis assorted size2959 Hard contact lense , assorted shpes and different power2960 Soft contact lense assorted shapes and diferent powers2961 Desmars retractor2962 IOL forceps (intra occular Lense )2963 Cystitomes cutter morfield2964 Opthalmic requirement for eye bank :Inosol solution2965 Exosol solution2966 Surgical Instrument kits Enucleation kits:1. Speculum, eye lid, lancaster2. Forceps, iris3. Hemostat,halsted (mosquito forceps)4. Scissors, strabismus, straight or curved5. Hook , muscle6. Scissors,enucleation , curved, medium7. Clap, Alies2967 Corneal suction kits:1. Speculum, eye lid, lancaster2. Forceps ,iris3. Scissors ,tenotomy,wescott4.Forceps, sturing, castroviejo, 0.5mm teeth5. Scissors, cornel section, castroviejo , midminiature orminiature blades, right and left handed6. Hemostat ,2968 Glycerin preservation units2969 Eye caps , small & larg , clear and print2970 Eye jars , with caps , gaskets & cages2971 Sterilization tubing2972 Eye sheets fabric2973 Protective goggles2974 Surgical instruments lubricant (Buells)2975 Vacutaner (test tube)2976 Slit lamp clamps , straight & swivel2977 Surgical procedures tray bx/251. surgical gloves ,sterille 2pair 2. Alcohol prep pads 3. Alcohol prepsticks 4. Oridone/Iodine swab sticks5. Cotton -tipped applictors 6. Cotton balls 7.2x2 gauze sponges8. 4x4 gauze sponges 9. surgical blades , bard -par115 of 218

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