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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

3858 Acusize cutting

3858 Acusize cutting catheter for endopyelotomy3859 Percutaeous Nephrostomy set /(8,10,15) Fr3860 Fascial dilators (set) for per cutaneous nephrostomy3861 Baloon Nephrostomy Catheter (12,16) Fr3862 Cummings -Baloon Nephrostomy Catheter 12Fr./4Fr, 14Fr/5Fr , 16Fr/6Fr, 20Fr/8Fr3863 Suprapubic (Baloon) cystotomy set3864 Suprapubic exchange set3865 Philips & Filiform urethral Diltor (set ) Filiform 3-7Fr. Straight + Folloower 8-30Fr)3866 Cutting loops , differernt sizes & types3867 Millin Agnlur light Forceps3868 Millin Boomerange Needle Large,small3869 Jew Kavity Lithotomy Forceps3870 Herrick Kidney Pedical Clamp Forceps3871 Dithermy Dissecting Forceps3872 Millin Volsollum Forceps3873 Young Prostatric Forceps3874 Millin Bladder retractor.3875 Millin Bladder Neek spreder.3876 Randall renal calculus forceps3877 Walton bladder retractor3878 Backman Retractor.3879 Turner War Wick diathermy Scissor.3880 Uro-spirals urocoiles (diff. Sizes)3881 Prostato-spirals (diff. Sizes)3882 Steppler for Small , large bowel3883 Nephrostomy forceps3884 Gel-ver-net retractor set of 6 pieces (size 8,11,15,17,20,23 mm)3885 Urethral meatal clamp3886 Urethral syringe3887 Urethro graphic clamp & cannula3888 Cooley renal artery forceps3889 Turner warwick renal stone forceps3890 Irwin pyelo-lithotomy forceps3891 Tinckler ureterolithtomy forceps3892 Thompson-Walker retractor (2 peirs of plades)3893 Morson suprapubic retractor3894 Grafe retractor (diff. Sizes)3895 Kirschner abdominal retractor,oval ,complete3896 Millin ligature carrying forceps3897 Prostatectomy scissors3898 Riches artery forceps3899 Turner warwick retractor3900 Turner warwick posterior dilating urethral speculum3901 Turner warwick posterior urethral suture needle3902 Turner warwick meatal dilators3903 Turner warwick urethral staff3904 Turner warwick dissecting scissors3905 Turner warwick needle holder3906 Turner warwick post urethroplasty review speculum3907 Sur- fit ileostomy bag size 32,38,453908 Sur- fit flange size 32,38,453909 Prostatic stent3910 Spical need for medical center : Suprapubic Aspiration setTrocar sleeve,16Fr.3911 Trocar with cannula tip3912 Aspiration cannula3913 Overflow cannula132 of 218

3914 Guide sleeve,sleeve lateral opening3915 Stabilization disc3916 Metall Bougies Flexible,hollow polyurethane bougie,in individual sterile package,6Fr.3917 Flexible,hollow polyurethane bougie,in individual sterile package,8Fr.pack of 33918 Flexible,hollow polyurethane bougie,in individual sterile package,10Fr.pack of 33919 Flexible,hollow polyurethane bougie,in individual sterile package,12Fr.pack of 33920 Guide wire for use with ureteric bougies,pack of 3,in individual sterile package3921 Additional stricture scalpels for cold cutting of urethares3922 Stricture scalpel hook shaped blade3923 Stricture scalpel with sickle - shaped blade3924 Bladder syring and evaculator Bladder syring , 100ml3925 Spare barrel for bladder syring 100ml (822,32)3926 Evaculator3927 Flexible connector,to connect syring with instruments with con B3928 Spare rubber ball for (8558.03)3929 Bougies by ditteldittel metal bougie,8Fr3930 dittel metal bougie,9Fr3931 dittel metal bougie,10Fr3932 dittel metal bougie,11Fr3933 dittel metal bougie,12Fr3934 dittel metal bougie,13Fr3935 dittel metal bougie,14Fr3936 dittel metal bougie,15Fr3937 dittel metal bougie,16Fr3938 dittel metal bougie,17Fr3939 dittel metal bougie,18Fr3940 dittel metal bougie,19Fr3941 dittel metal bougie,20Fr3942 dittel metal bougie,21Fr3943 dittel metal bougie,22Fr3944 dittel metal bougie,23Fr3945 dittel metal bougie,24Fr3946 dittel metal bougie,25Fr3947 dittel metal bougie,26Fr3948 dittel metal bougie,27Fr3949 dittel metal bougie,28Fr3950 dittel metal bougie,29Fr3951 dittel metal bougie,30Fr3952 Orifice dilator ,10-20 Fr3953 Orifice dilator ,15-3 Fr3954 Sterilization container and trolleys Chrome nickel steel,containers 18/8 w/ detachable lid3955 Side trolley w/ working surface and 2 shelves dimensions: Length 585mm/depth470mm3956 HF generator electrotome 530,including double foot switch neutral electrode,rubber3957 Neutral rubber electrode3958 cable for neutral rubber electrode3959 Double foot switch3960 Artificial kidney supplies :A.V.Shunt Left , Right3961 Blood tubing Set of HD3962 Buterfly Needle 16g.3963 CAPD administration set3964 Connecter for A.V Shunt.3965 CVB line-complete set3966 Double J stent catheter3967 Femoral cannula (large,medium size)3968 Graduated drain bottle3969 Haemodialysis machine filteration control moniter133 of 218

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