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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

4417 Tracing papers

4417 Tracing papers for orthosis4418 Adhesive tape 627 B4=254419 Adhesive tape 627 B1=254420 Double face adhesive tape 616 F104421 Surform half round blades4422 Surform round blades4423 T handled hex wrench size 44424 T handled hex wrench size 54425 T handled hex wrench size 104426 Wire cutter 706 Z4=2104427 Wire cutter 706 K3=2804428 Curved seaming pliers 706x5=B4429 Spiral toothed Rasp 729 S24=5/84430 Band saw blade 708 B4=15 (for wood)4431 Band saw blade 708 B6=8 (for Metal)4432 Thermal gloves4433 Rubber sheets for shoe soles4434 Saw blade for cast cutter 756 Y34435 Heating elements for heating plate4436 Pipe reamer4437 Spare motor for Belt sander 701 L6 & 701 L1 (701L1)4438 Spare grinding wheels(contact disk) (175 dia.)4439 Spare grinding belts 649 G15 (1650x100x24)4440 Spare Router motor 701 F114441 Storage container for glue4442 735 L5 cobbler's stand4443 Back flow seal 755 Z74444 Sanding sleeve 749 Y8=40 pk of 25pcs4445 Sanding sleeve 749 Y8=100 pk of 25pcs4446 Allen wrench set 709 S164447 Ball hex head screw driver 709S11=44448 Adjustable pin wernch 709 Z24449 Swivel chairs 758 H11=24450 Orthogel liner size 1704451 Orthogel liner size 2104452 S.A.C.H. foot diff. size4453 Single Axis feet (diff. sizes)4454 Symes pirogoff's feet4455 S.A.C.H. foot adaptor4456 single axis foot adaptor4457 Knee joint 3R17 (single axis)W.lock4458 Knee joint (4 bar linkage 3R20)4459 Knee joint(single Axis for longstump 3R16 )4460 Single Axis knee joint 3R224461 Knee joint for Knee disarticulation4462 Extenstion Assist4463 Moduller Hip joint 7E74464 Flat pubber valve4465 Lamination Anchor for (4G70) for through Knee joint4466 Rotatable socket Adaptor 4R374467 Socket attachment Block SR14468 Double adaptor with pyramid4469 Double adaptor diff. size4470 Socket adaptor with rotation pyramid 4R894471 Cosmetic foam cover for AK4472 Socket adaptor w. pyramid w. anchors & without 4R24142 of 218

4473 Socket adaptor w. pyramid w. anchors & without 4R634474 Tube clamp adaptor4475 Tube with adaptor4476 Cosmetic foam for Bk4477 Rotation adaptor 4R574478 Pedilin sheet (soft liner) 5mm4479 Silicone liner (+3 casting dev.)4480 Plexidur stud4481 Stump socks (diff. size)4482 Cosmetic socks for Ak4483 Cosmetic socks for Bk4484 Modular BK prosth. for child4485 Modular AK prosth. for child4486 Hip disarticulate for child4487 Dynamic feet for children(diff.size)4488 Mod. adaptor for vacuum formed sockets4489 Hydrolic Knee joint4490 Suspension sleeve for BK4491 Suspension sleeve for AK4492 C leg4493 Pedilin soles4494 Pedilin toe4495 Pedilin heel4496 S.A.C.H. foot convensional assembly4497 Sliding modular adaptor4498 |Dynamic foot for men4499 component for 1D10 BK pnosthisis with flex foot4500 Cosmetic wrist unit4501 Mechanical wrist unit4502 Cosmetic Gloves4503 Inner hand4504 Cosmetic Gloves with thick walls4505 Silicone Parting Agent Spray4506 Modular shoulder disarticulation prosthesis4507 Swiss lock joint head 17B36 (size 16 & 20 Lt. & Rt 60 each)4508 Ring lock joint head (size 16 & 20 Lt & Rt)4509 Side Bars ss. size 16 & 204510 Side Bars Alum. size 16 & 204511 Limited motion ankle joint4512 Limited motion ankle joint (child) Limited motion ankle size 54513 Limited motion ankle size 64514 Knee joints for Children size 44515 Knee joints for Children size 54516 Knee joints for Children size 64517 Knee orthosis (Elastic W. metalic joint)4518 Polyopropylene AFO for foot drop4519 Miluaukee brace (diff. size)4520 Hip abduction splint for CDH4521 Lively splint for wrist & finger drop4522 Knee joint for knee orthosis multicentric 17K464523 Knee joint for knee orthosis 17K454524 Elbow orthotic joint (16x12)4525 Adjustable knee joint for KAFOS (Lt & Rt) 17B44=204526 Electric cast cutter 756B44527 Hot Air Gun 756 E64528 Hot Air Gun 756 E2143 of 218

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