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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

131 Imigram tab.132

131 Imigram tab.132 Disflatyl tab.133 Betadin oint134 Betadin cream.135 Betadin spray.136 Tetroxin tab.137 Bees wax kg138 Empty gelatin cap NO.0139 Empty gelatin cap NO.00140 Empty gelatin cap NO.1141 Halazon 50mg tab142 Intal spinhaler143 Rynacrom spinhaler144 Cerelac powder pack145 Baby soap146 Baby shampoo147 Hand cream148 Baby cream149 Rough skin removing cream150 Apparatus for rough skin remover151 Emoform tooth past152 Tooth brush for adult153 Tooth brush for child154 Feeding bottle brush155 Simpla tab (pack)156 Steron tab157 Baby lotion bott.158 Baby powder159 Athlete foot powder160 Baby oil161 Baby path soap162 Glass feeding bott. 240 cc163 Plastic feeding bott.240 cc164 Plastic feeding bott.150 cc165 Rubber teat of diff. size166 Rubber cloves of diff. size167 Hot water rubber sac168 First aid kit bag169 Breast sucker170 Ice bag sock171 Rubber Irrigator for child172 Carnation corn caps double173 Rubber irrigator for adults174 Durex NU form175 Cresol solu. (black disinfectant)gallon176 Liniment camphor litter177 Pentamidin inj178 Mitobronitol 125mg tab.179 Concentrated solution for haemodialysis180 Vancomycin cap 500mg181 Iodoform paste182 Iodoform powder kgD. TARGETED NUTRITION SUPPLIES AND ACCESSORIES(INTEGRATED PACKAGE)42 of 218

1 High energy biscuits (ton) wheat flour (enriched with vitamins and minerals), vegetableprotein,vegetable oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar,salt,syrup, raising agents(E500,E503),flavouring (vanilla)Nutritional valuesper 100gEnergyMin.1960KJ/460 KcalProteinMin.15.0gCarbohydrateMin.60.0gFatMin.18.0gIron11.0mgCalcium270.0mgIodine50.0mcgFolic acid50.0mcgPantothenic acid3.5mgVitamin B11.2mgVitamin B21.2mgVitamin B61.5mgVitamin B123.3mcgNiacine12.0mgVitamin C40.0mgVitamin A1700 I.EVitamin D180 I.EVitamin E5.0mg2 Therapeutic milk F100 for children (2-5 years old)(ton)Average compositionper 100g powderfat content29.2g(50.5% of total energy)Proteins13.2g (10.2% of total energy)Carbohydrates 50.7gMinerals (ashes) 3.9gMoisture 3.0gEnergy value520Kcal /2158.2 KjVitaminsA0.9mgD0.016mgE20mgC53mgB10.6mgB21.7mgB60.6mgB120.0018mgNiacine 5.3gFolic acid0.21mgPantothenic acid3.1mgBiotin0.065mgk0.021mgMineralsSodium

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