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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

4863 Clerf Cocaine

4863 Clerf Cocaine Spray4864 Clerf Specimen Collector4865 Cannon Endarterectomy Set4866 Cannon Coronary Endarterectomy set4867 Wylie Endarterectomy Strippers Set4868 Trimble Suter Stents Set4869 Cannon intima Dissector4870 Freer Double end Elevators4871 Garret Neiv passer4872 Diethrich-Jackson Femoral Graft Tunneoler4873 Diethrich vascular scissors 25",45",60"4874 Diethrich partial occlusion clamp4875 Diethrich right angle dissecting clamp4876 Multipurpose clamps , angled 30 , 60 , 90?4877 PDA clamps straight 6" jaws 300mm4878 Mixter thoracic forceps 8 1/4" , 9 1/4"4879 DeMartel scissors 6 7/8" , blunt &sharp tip straight blades4880 Beall cicumflex artery scissors 15cm4881 Aortic punch for creation of proximal openning for SVG4882 Aortic valve retracter , all sizes4883 Modified mills vein vavotom4884 Hartman mosquito haemostat4885 Lemon dissector slightly curved4886 Lemon acutely curved dissector4887 Jansen zanfel ronguer 7" 4mm bit4888 Lore nerve retractor 8 1/2"4889 Milker gunner hey roller forceps4890 Heart stabilizer for non pump coronary grafting ethicon medtronic (octubus)4891 In line centrifugal pump biomedicus medtronic inc4892 Arterial blood filter4893 Debakey Femoral Bypum Tunneler4894 Effler Groves Double end Dissector &Hock4895 Vein Graft Rings 10,12,144896 Bard-Parker Handle No.3 , 10 Blade4897 DILATORTubbs Valve Dilator,small4898 Hegar dilators set4899 Cooley coronary dilators4900 Garrett vascular dilators set4901 Taylor pulmobary dilator4902 Taylor pulmonary punch4903 Electrophysiology catheters Dipolar4904 Electrophysiology catheters Quadripolar4905 Electrophysiology catheters Tripolar4906 Electrophysiology catheters Hexapolar4907 Electrophysiology catheters Decapolar4908 Electrophysiology catheters Octapolar in5 and 6 french sizes4909 Ablation catheters4910 Extention cables for the above catheters4911 Introducers admits the above sized catheters with haemostasis specification adults and paediatrics4912 Disposable iransduear D 300 Domes linden4913 Custonpac tubing set for pediatric4914 Aortic valve Bileaflet assorted size4915 Handle of legiclip applicator (small blue, med dark blue, large red)4916 Disposable sucker handle with tube (applicator)4917 Thoracic surg. special need : Thoracostomy tube w/ trocare assort. sizes (fr. 10 to 40 )150 of 218

4918 Under water sealing bottle4919 Esophageal dilators , Malony Bougies4920 Esophageal dilators , Savary Bougies4921 Esophageal dilators , Chevalior Jachson4922 Tracheostomy tube , assorted , caffed & non caffed4923 Stapler TIA4924 Double endotracheal tube , left , assorted4925 Double endotracheal tube , right, assorted4926 Fogarty embolectomy catheter assorted4927 Fogarty irrigation catheter assorted4928 Fogarty occlusion catheter assorted4929 Arterial prosthetic grafts , Gore - tex ,assorted4930 Dacron , straight , assorted4931 dacron , bifurcated aortic graft , assorted4932 Sundt internal & external carotid endarterectomy shunts4933 Omni tract4934 Biological glue (GRF)4935 CARDIAC CENTER REQUIRMENTSAortic root cannulae size 2-6 mm4936 Air compresser for membrane oxygenator4937 Dacron patch woven polyester4938 Crown UN-Mounted stent : 15mm4939 Crown UN-Mounted stent 22mm4940 Crown UN-Mounted stent 30mm4941 Intra Aortic Ballon Datascope Kit size8.5-9.54942 Wire Reinforced venous catheter Size:18F connector 1/44943 Wire Reinforced venous catheter Size:28F connector 3/84944 Wire Reinforced venous catheter Size:32F connector 3/84945 Wire Reinforced venous catheter Size:34F connector 3/84946 Wire Reinforced venous catheter Size:36F connector 3/84947 Aortic Arch canula Size:4.5mm4948 Aortic Arch canula Size:5.2mm4949 Aortic Arch canula Size:6.5mm4950 Aortic Arch canula Size:8mm4951 Hemo-Filter4952 Palmaz schatz spiral articulation stent un mounted4953 Wizdom 0-014 PTCA wire curved 180cm4954 Stabilizer 0-014 PTCA steerable wire curved 180 cm4955 Medeflator disposable in flation dervice 20ml4956 Stretch polyester fabric 4 x 4 (10.2x10.2cm4957 Peripheral vessel PTA balloon size5F/75cm balloon size4m/4cm4958 5Fcm 6m/4cm4959 6F/75cm 6m/4cm4960 7F/120cm 10m/4cm4961 5F/120cm 6m/10cm4962 7F/120cm 8m/3cm4963 4F 3m/2cm4964 4F 3.5m/2cm4965 4F 4m/2cm4966 4F 3m/4cm4967 4F 3.5m/4cm4968 4F 4m/4cm4969 Temporary bipolar pacing lead ventricular, 5 french, 100 cm, Bipolar.4970 Temporary bipolar pacing lead ventricular, 6 french, 100 cm, Bipolar.4971 Temporary bipolar pacing lead ventricular, 6 french, 100 cm, Bipolar.with remote anode.4972 Temporary bipolar pacing lead Atrial J-Curve, 5 French, 100cm, bipolar.4973 Temporary bipolar pacing lead Atrial J-Curve, 6 French, 100cm, bipolar.151 of 218

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