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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

6458 Vascular Access set

6458 Vascular Access set for all angio access procedures- not just A-V fistula6459 Debakey vascular dilators(coronary set) 12-38cm (15”) in antoclavable stainless steel case6460 Olivekrona double end dissectors - Ligth weight, 7 1/4 (18.4cm)6461 - Light weight , 9 1/2” (24.2cm)6462 Electrode disc for ECG6463 Electrode disposable6464 Electrode dry for ECG 45 mm6465 Electrode / ECG6466 Venous sheath 5-8, 5-76467 Micro vascular inst. for external & internal bipass surgery6468 Punch graft set6469 Semb retractor small6470 Semb retractor large6471 Semb retractor extra deep6472 Davidson scapular retractor small6473 Davidson scapular retractor large6474 Deaver retractor , diff. sizes6475 Brewster phrenic retractor6476 Oschner retractor6477 U.S army retractor6478 O’ connor hook6479 Cushing vein retracto6480 Cushin decompessor6481 Wer tianer retractor 4 1/2” blunt6482 Wer tianer retractor 6 1/2” blunt6483 Wer tianer retractor 8” blunt6484 Malony tappered mercury filled esophly6485 Beyer roungeur 7”6486 Hickman catheter6487 Endarlarectomy stippers6488 Micro vascular surgical set6489 Thoracic & cardiovascular instrument surgery: Thoracic surgery clamps Debakey Peripheral Clamp6490 Debakey Peripheral Vascular Clamp7 “6491 Debakey Peripheral Vascular Curved 6 “6492 Debakey S-Shape Vascular Clamp 8 “6493 Debakey Full Curved Clamp6494 Debakey Coarctation Clamp Straight6495 Debakey Aortic Anurysm Clamp6496 Debakey Aortic Anurysm Clamp (Large)6497 Debakey Tangentia occlusion Clamps (Set)6498 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 7.5cm straight6499 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 8.5cm straight6500 Debakey Bulldog Clamo 10.5cm straight6501 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 12cm straight6502 Potts Bulldog Clamp6503 Bulldog Clamp straight 4.5cm6504 Bulldog Clamp Curved 4.5cm6505 Glover Bulldog Clamp Stright 5cm6506 Glover Bulldog Clamp Curved 5cm6507 Micro-Bulldog Clamp -Straight.6508 Micro-Bulldog Clamp-Curved6509 Blalock Pulmonary Artery Clamp6510 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 7.5cm Curved.6511 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 8.5cm Curved180 of 218

6512 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 10.5cm Curved6513 Debakey Bulldog Clamp 12cm Curved6514 Debakey Patent Ductns Clamp Straight6515 Debakey Patent Ductns Clamp Angled6516 Debakey Semb tigature carrier clamp6517 Price Thomas Bronchus Clamp 9 “6518 Price Thomas Bronchus Clamp 8 3/4 “6519 Mueller Bronchus clamp6520 Crafowrd Coarctation Clamp6521 Wells Pulmonary Artery Clamp6522 Morse Tubing Clamp6523 Duval- Crile Clamp 7 3/4 “6524 Cooley Anastomosis Clamp6525 Cooley Neonatal Vascular Clamp (Set)6526 Glover Curved Clamp small6527 Cooley - Derra Clamp small6528 Cooley - Derra Clamp medium6529 Cooley - Derra Clamp Large6530 Cooley Caval Clamps6531 Morris Ascending Aorta Clamp6532 Henly Subclavian Artery Clamp6533 Cooley Peripheral Vascular Clamp straight 7”6534 Cooley Peripheral Vascular Clamp Angular 7 “6535 Cooley Peripheral Vascular Clamp Curved 6 “6536 Satinsky Paediatric cardio Vascular Clamp 5 1/4”6537 Diffenbach Suture Holding Clamp- Snall , Medium,Large6538 Forceps: Birkett Artery Forceps straight 7 “6539 Birkett Artery Forceps Curved 7 “6540 O’Shaughnessy Artery Forceos 6 “6541 O’Shaughnessy Artery Forceos 8 “6542 Oldfield Artery Forceps Curved 10 “6543 Roberts Artery Forceps Curved 9 “6544 Roberts (Canadian) Artery Forceps Curved 8 “6545 Riches Artery Forceps - Diathermy 6 “6546 Mcindoe Dissecting Forceps 5 1/2 “6547 Mcindoe Dissecting Forceps 6 “6548 Gillies Dissecting Forceps 1X2 teeth 6 “6549 Nelson Dissecting Forceps 9 “6550 Sympathectomy Dissecting Forceps6551 Ramsay Dissecting Forceps Non teeth6552 Lane Dissecting Forceps 1x2 teeth 6 1/26553 Duval Lung Forceps 1/2 = Wide 8 “6554 Duval Lung Forceps 1 = Wide 8 “6555 Nelson Lung Adhesion Forceps 9 “6556 Maingot Dissecting Forceps 11 “6557 Maingot Dissecting Forceps 9 “6558 Jackson Burrows Dissecting Forceps 1X2 teeth 5 1/26559 Sinus Forceps 8 “6560 Sinus Forceps 9 “6561 Sponge Holding Forceps 9 1/2 “6562 Sponge Holding Forceps 7 1/2 “6563 Moynihan Cholecystectomy Forceps 11 “6564 Moynihan Cholecystectomy Forceps 8 “6565 Adson Dressing Forceps6566 Adson Tissue Forceps6567 Mill, Mammary , Coronary , tissue Forceps181 of 218

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