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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

3531 Impression tray

3531 Impression tray Aluminium perforated, Set. of 6 upper and lower3532 Smooth casting wax thick 16-5, 50 PCS box3533 Plaster Knives3534 Ceramic Gold "Alloy" 1 kg (precious)3535 Solder for above Alloy3536 Ready made end class (ring , I , T , Y , Ball type ) box of 1003537 Retraction cord in packs3538 Silicone rubber , pytty type3539 Silicone rubber , light body type3540 Silicone rubber , injection type3541 Blanks & foils for pressure moulding technique , box of 100 sheets3542 Orthodontic cement3543 Sticky wax 10 pcs/pk3544 Adhesive powder 50 gm/pk3545 Semi adjustable articulator3546 Face bow registration device3547 Tissue conditioner3548 Soft lining material3549 Tin foil in rolls3550 Anchorage paste3551 Wax intermediates , assorted , 10 pcs/pk3552 Brushes Polishing brushes (chungkin bristle)3553 Polishing brush for RHP3554 Wax building and carving instruments PCS3555 Hydrosolder material assorted3556 Pumice for lab work (Powder) Box of 1 kg & 5Kg3557 Dental Mandriles for straight HP- set of 63558 Casting dental alloy Precious pk. Of 1 Kg3559 Benzen burner3560 Ceramic fused to metal kit assorted3561 Metal free ceramic kit3562 Burs for stright H.P :- Grinding stone (Roughand fine) Box of 6 PCS3563 Burs for stright H.P :- Grinding point Box of 6 PCS3564 Casting rings :- For chrome cobalt work3565 Casting rings :- For crown and bridge.3566 Casting ring former (Plastic With Base plate)3567 Crucible diff. size and shape (assorted) pk. Of 63568 Dupilicating flask3569 Felt polishing (con , disc , wheel ) for lath mount3570 Impression plaster 3 kg.3571 Investment mould tongue:- For crown and Bridge casting ring3572 Chrom cobalt Bridge Casting ring3573 Lining paper non asbestos roll3574 Plaster of paris PK of 3 kg.3575 Strengtheners (mesh or net) for acrylic denture S/S3576 Tissue conditioner3577 Rubber Polisher point set of 63578 Rubber Polisher disk set of 63579 Rubber discoids box of 10003580 Sand plast (Blasting corundam) 5kg3581 Librofilm3582 Liquid (D) , for acrylic facing , pk. Of 100 ml3583 ORTHODONTICS3584 Head gear (Cervical pull & High pull) and AuxilliariesXII Orthodentic plier3585 Chincaps assorted and liners126 of 218

3586 Plastic ligature rings assorted 1000 pcs /pack3587 Latex elastics (Intera & Extra oral) various sizes & pull 1000pcs/pack3588 Face bow (plain and stop loops) assorted3589 Stop screws kit 10pcs/pack3590 Peformed ideal arch wires with center mark (round, rectangular and twistflex) stainless steel andnickel titanium, assorted size and type upper and lower 10 pcs/pack3591 Precut straight arch wires (round, rectangular and twistflex) stainless steel and nickel titaniumassorted sizes 38cm length 10pcs/pack3592 Brackets for direct bonding (metal, plastic and ceramic) for standard edge wise and Roth 50 cases /kit3593 standard edge wise brackets for banding assorted 10 pcs/pack3594 Coil springs ( tension and compression) 1m/spool3595 Cuspid retraction springs (leff & right)10pcs/pack3596 Lip retractors, plastic with connector , small and standard sizes 2 pcs/pack3597 Orthodontic bonding system no mix and mix3598 Tubing round, stainles steel and plastic sleeving assorted diameters pk of 25 pcs or rolls3599 Band seater ( Nylon , Metal nd Mershon)3600 Ligature tucker3601 Dental vernier ( Standard and dial type)3602 standard tension and compression gauges3603 Dial gauge assorted measurment3604 Arch turret standard and with torque3605 Band removing plier ( Anterior and posterior)3606 Bracket removing plier standard and straight3607 Adams wire bending plier3608 Angles wire bending plier3609 Aderer 3 prong plier3610 Tweed loop forming plier3611 Loop bending plier , super looper (young)3612 Standard light wire plier3613 Universal Face bow bending and cutting plier3614 Separating pliers3615 Ligator3616 Ligature Cutter3617 Side Cutter ( Clinic, Labratory, Heavy gauge)3618 Distal end cutter3619 Clamping tweezers3620 Orthodontic trays assorted 20 pcs/pk3621 Preformed denta form molar bands with attachment upper left 300 pcs/kit3622 Molar band upper right 300 pcs/kit3623 Molar band lower left 300 pcs/kit3624 Molar band lower right 300 pcs/kit3625 Molar band refill packs 10 pcs/pack3626 Blank bands for cuspid and bicuspid 150 pcs/kit prewelded with 0/8 slot edge wise brackets &roth &cleats for bicuspid3627 Revers curve arches with center mark ( Round and rectangular) 10 pcs/pack3628 Skeleton type expansion screw 10 pcs/PACK3629 Skeleton type sectional screw 10 pcs/pack3630 Traction screws 10 pcs/pack3631 3 diamensional screw ( bertoni and steiner) 1pcs/pack3632 Fun type screw 10 screw 10 pcs/ pack3633 Piston spring screws assortment kit3634 Hyrax expansion screw assorted 1pcs/kit3635 Bite jumping hinges ( Herbst 1 complete kit)3636 Ligature wire preformed and in coils3637 Lingual cleats 10 pcs/pack127 of 218

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