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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

1575 SpannerOpen and

1575 SpannerOpen and ring end spaner 8mm ,11 mm1576 Sucket wrench spanner 8 mm , 11mm1577 Tourniquet :Velcro rubber tourniquet assorted sizes 18 cm , 28cm , 50cm1578 Esmarch bandage rubber 3 mmx 7.5 x 1m1579 Esmarch bandage rubber 5.5 mm x 7.5 x 1m1580 Pneumonatic tourniquet, patendted elastic band &hook fastener (adult)1581 Pneumonatic tourniquet, patendted elastic band &hook fastener (child)1582 Pneumatic tourniquet, Elastic with velcro fastening for (children)1583 Kidde Standard pneumatic tourniquet, automatically regulated complet w/ small velcro1584 Kidde Standard pneumatic tourniquet, automatically regulated complet w/ med. velcro1585 Kidde Standard pneumatic tourniquet, automatically regulated complet w/ large velcro1586 Kidde refills for kidde tourniquet pack of 121587 Wire twisting forceps :Wiretwisting forceps 15 cm , 18cm1588 Bone fixation equipment :Garden sliding hip screw Implantation set1589 Plate of D.H.S plate angle 150^ , assorted holes ( 2,3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7 )1590 Plate of D.H.S plate angle 135^ , assorted holes ( 2,3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7 )1591 Hip screws for D.H.S assorted sizes ( 51 , 57 , 63 , 70 , 76 , 82 , 89 , 95 , 102 , 108 , 114 , 121 ,127, 133 , 140 , 146 , 152 mm )1592 Instruments for D.H.S.(Garden sliding hip screws)1593 Set of instr.,guide wire director 135^,150^1594 Cannulated drill reamer for hip screw1595 Spanner for the hip screw 210mm1596 Garden allen Key driver 240mm1597 Oxford external Fixation Complet Set.1598 Universal joint clamp unit Complete1599 Clamp unit replacement core1600 Clamp unit replacement steel bolle1601 Self tap screw 6 mm x 105 mm1602 Self tap screw 6 mm x 135 mm1603 Self tap screw 6 mm x 165 mm1604 Protective Caps1605 Drill and screw guide standard1606 Drill and screw guide Variable angle1607 Main frame assorted sizes ( 250 , 350 , 450 mm )1608 Drill bush ,Long with trocar1609 screw bush , short1610 screw bush , handle1611 screw bush , long with trocar1612 Compresion / Extension unit Complet1613 Clamp Cap Driver1614 Socket Head Key1615 Shearer, external fixation system :Shearer External Fixation for fermoral & Tibia fracture1616 Shearer Plain outrigger T90,120 mm1617 Shearer Jointed outrigger T 90 , 170 mm1618 Shearer stand, and center joint1619 Shearer standard pin block1620 Shearer femoral pins 5 x 180 mm1621 Shearer dynamic Ioading pin1622 Shearer pin insertion guide1623 Shearer single handed introducer1624 Shearer compresion distrection instrument1625 Shearer universal center joint1626 Shearer paralled pin block1627 Shearer increased angle pin1628 Shearer tibial pin1629 Shearer tibial bar90 of 218

1630 External fixation tubular system :Standard set fortubular external fixation system (A - O)1631 Standard set for (Tibia and Femur) (A - O) (Mono Dynafix EXT.Fix)1632 Instruments and fixation material Drill bite, extra long 3.5 mm diam.1633 Drill bite, extra long 4.5 mm diam.1634 Combination wrench , width across flat 11 mm1635 Socket wrench , width across flat 11mm1636 Set for small bone external fixation1637 Open Compessor1638 Drill Sleeve 5.0/3.5 mm diam 98 mm long1639 Drill Sleeve 6.0/5.0 mm diam 68 mm long1640 Trocar 3.5 mm diam1641 Single pin adjustable Clamp1642 Double pin adjustable clamp1643 Single pin open clamp1644 Universal joint for 2 tubes1645 Tube assorted Lengths (150 , 250 , 300 , 350 , 400 mm )1646 Protective Cap 4.5 mm1647 Protective Cap 5.0 mm1648 Complete set of instrument and rods.Harnigton spinal instrumentation consist of :Haringtondistraction rods , round end, the rods are measured from the last ratchet nearest the collar end tothe collar , assorted sizes ( 25 , 51 , 76 , 102 , 127 , 152 , 178 , 203 , 229 , 254 , 279 ,305 ,330 ,356 mm )1649 Hooks for round end distraction rod :Sharp hook for ratchet end of distraction rod1650 Sharp hook with rib for ratchet end of Distraction Rod1651 Blunt hook for ratchet end of Distraction rod1652 Blunt hook with rib for ratchet end of Distracton Rod1653 Blunt hook for collar end of Distraction rod1654 Sharp hook for Collar end of Distraction rod1655 Sharp hook for 3mm cmpression rod.1656 Sharp Swivel hook for collar end of Distraction rod1657 Blunt Swivel hook for collar end of Distraction rod1658 Compression rod :Compresion rod assembly threaded 254 mm x 5mm diam with 6 hexagonal nuts1659 Spare hexagonal nuts for 3 mm Compresion rod1660 Comresion rod assembly threaded , 254mm x 3mm diam with 6 hexagonal nuts1661 Spare hexagonal nuts for 3 mm Compresion rod1662 Sacral rod 203 mm x 5mm diam , thaeaded with trocar point1663 Sacral rod Nut1664 Eye let for sacral rod1665 C-Washer for ratchet end of Distraction rod.1666 Square end distraction rod used with Square Collar hook to prevent medial and lateral hook rotation1cm,2cm,4cm,5cm1667 Ditto 6cm,7cm,8cm,9cm,10cm1668 Ditto 11cm,12cm,13cm,14cm,15cm1669 Ditto 16cm,17cm,18cm,19cm,20cm1670 Ditto 21cm,22cm,23,24cm,25cm1671 Ditto 26cm,27cm,28cm,29cm,30cm1672 Ditto 31cm,32cm,33cm,34cm,35cm1673 Square collar hooks , Hooks for square end disraction rods :Sharp hook square collar , S.S1674 Blunt hook square collar , S.S1675 Long sharp hook square collar , S.S1676 Long blunt hook square collar , S.S1677 Instruments :Rack to hold basic set of rode and hooks1678 French Pattern harington rod bender1679 Outriger Distraction unit minimum distraction opening 51 mm,Maximum distraction1680 Speader Used to advance distraction hooks along ratchet part of the end of distraction91 of 218

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