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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

4081 Prelon stockinette,

4081 Prelon stockinette, white Size 64082 Prelon stockinette, white Size 84083 Prelon stockinette, white Size 104084 Prelon stockinette, white Size 124085 Prelon stockinette, white Size 154086 Polypropylene sheets size 2000x1000x4 mm4087 Polypropylene sheats size 2000 x 1000 mm thick 3mm4088 Orthoplast lawtemp thermoplast sheets Size 960 x 3 H thick 3 mm4089 Elastic webbing 623g = 25, 35 mm width4090 Elastic webbing 20 cm(200 mm) width4091 PVA sheating 130 cm width 616F4 = 1304092 Teflon tape for sealing iron 0.08 mm thickm 85 mm width4093 Plastilin Clay 0.5 kg.4094 Elastic webbing 35 cm (350 mm) width white4095 Elastic webbing 35 cm (350 mm) width Beige4096 Plastazoate sheets (12 mm thick)4097 Modular prostheses for children :for :Hipdisartic4098 Dynamic feet for children size 14 throgh 214099 Pedilin (PE lete) soft socket liner sheet size 5mm thick4100 Flexo Cork Sheets Size, 10mm thick4101 Lectite 241 loctite .05kg4102 Prosthetic Socks Size 504103 Prosthetic Socks Size 604104 Pedilin Rigid Foam 3004105 Hardener For Pedilin Rigid Foam4106 Nonelastic Webbing 25mm Width4107 Nonelastic Webbing 35mm Width4108 Calibrated Measuring Caps 400Cm4109 Fast Curing Putty AKEM. 1Kg4110 Plastazote-Nonperforated Sheet Size 1000x750Width x3mm thick4111 Cotton Stockinette Off -White Size 84112 Cotton Stockinette Off -White Size 104113 Cotton Stockinette Off -White Size 124114 Cotton Stockinette Off -White Size 154115 Cotton Stockinette Off White Size 304116 Cotton Stockinette Off -White Size 64117 Rotable Socket Adaptor 4R 374118 Modular Knee Joint 3R 224119 Modular Knee Joint 3R 164120 Modular Knee Joint W.Lock 3R 404121 Modular Knee Joint (Through Knee Ap)4122 Modular Extention Assist4123 Valve With Tube4124 Black throug knee joint with lock4125 Socket Adapter .4126 Modular Hip Joint 7E4127 Cosmetic Foam Cover Calf Circur 44 Lf4128 Cosmetic Foam Cover Calf Circur 44 Rt.4129 Socket Adept With Pyramid4130 Tube Clamp Adapter4131 Modular Foot Adapter 2R8=104132 SACH Feet (Medium Caushion) size 22 through 274133 Tube grip Elastic stockinette 8cm4134 Tube grip Elastic stockinette 10cm4135 Tube grip Elastic stockinette 12 cm4136 Tube grip Elastic stockinette 15cm136 of 218

4137 Talc powder 639 A14138 Rubber sheet for shoe soles 10-12mm thick4139 Thinner for Quick rubber cement 634 A6= 0.84140 Copper rivets 504 F2 = 4 x 204141 Steel rivets 504 F1 = 4 x 204142 Heating elements for Heating plate4143 Glue for sanding papers & steves4144 Water pan4145 Adaptor 2R34146 Modular knee joint 3R204147 Otlo bock alpha step 24PCS diff. sizes t+ & R+L4148 Mod. Knee Joint 3R494149 Silicone liner4150 OB Knee J. 3R454151 OB Knee J. 3R604152 OB Knee J. 3R804153 Single Axis feet size 23 through 274154 Single Axis foot adaptor Size 22-254155 Single Axis foot adaptor Size 26-304156 Surform-Half Round Blades4157 T-Handled Hex Wrench Size 44158 T-Handled Hex Wrench Size 54159 Thermal Gloves4160 Welding Nozzler Round4161 Curved Seaming Pliers4162 Wire Cutter4163 Spiral Toothed Rasp4164 Band Saw Blade For Wood4165 Drum/Slotted4166 Contactor4167 Replacement Blades For Pipe Cutter4168 Pipe Reamer4169 Side Bar Set(Stamless Steel) Size 164170 Denis brown splint for CDH diff. size4171 Milwaukee brace diff. size4172 Polypropylene sheets 2000 x 1000 x 5mm4173 Limited Motion Ankle Joint For Children Size 64174 Knee Joints For Children S-S Size 44175 Swiss Lock Joint Head Size 16Lt4176 Swiss Lock Joint Head Size 16 Rt4177 Swiss Lock Joint Head Size 20 Lt4178 Swiss Lock Joint Head Size 20 Rt4179 Ring lock Joint Head Size 16 Lt4180 Ring lock Joint Head Size 16 Rt4181 Ring lock Joint Head Size 20 Lt4182 Ring lock Joint Head Size 20 Rt4183 Cosmotic Gloves 8 S 6 diff. sizes4184 Cosmotic Gloves 8 S 6 diff. sizes and color4185 Cosmotic Gloves 8 S 4 diff. sizes and color4186 Mod. Comp for shoulder disartic complet Lt & RT4187 Inner hand (Similar to cosmotic Gloves but of thicker wall) sizes 20 through 23 LT & RT4188 Inner hands 8 S 7 diff. sizes4189 Rubber cork 5mm thick4190 1000 temp. thermoplastic sheets, strong (Pedilon) 3-24191 Alveolux sheets 12mm thick (for making in soles)4192 Bench W.Vacuum for thermoplastic sheets137 of 218

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