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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

3747 Bozemann Uterine

3747 Bozemann Uterine dressing FCS3748 Bonney Uterine polyps FCS3749 Vaut Uterine polyps FCS3750 Teales Uterine Vulesellum FCS curved3751 Kelland Midutary Forceps .3752 Simpson Delivery forceps3753 Wrigly midufery forceps.3754 Cervical Biopsy forceps.3755 Uterine Vulsellum straight forceps.3756 Good win Amniotomy straight for induction of labour3757 Smelline win amniotomy (for forewates rupture)3758 Leech wilkinson cervical biopsy punch fcs3759 Van Doren cervical biopsy punch FCS types can be used with colposcop3760 Sounders I.U.D removing hook3761 Pudendal blockneedle 21.5wg ,3 1/2m3762 Pudendal block guid & needle3763 Para Cervical Block needle & quide3764 Bozeman Needle holder3765 Mayo-Hegar Needle holder3766 Doyen retractor (3 3/4 x10 3/4) collin retractor3767 Doyen rectangular retractor small ,Medium, large3768 Wetheium retractor3769 Handon Vaginal retractor3770 Sims Duckbill specuum double ended (small,medium,large)3771 Colinvaginal size (small,medium,large) collin vaginal retractor3772 Cusco vaginal size (small,medium,large)3773 Graves (Brewer ) vaginal speculum (small,medium,large)3774 Kogan endocervical speculum3775 Auvard vaginal speculum ( small blad)3776 Vaginal speculumCases.3777 Ring persies vinyle (65,68,71,74,77,80,85,90)3778 Ring persies polythene semi surgical strile (50,56,62,65,71,74,77,80,85,90 ,75,94)3779 Simpson shelf persary (kidney shaped blade plastic 9-14)3780 Pinard Stethoscope (Blade Plastic)3781 Pinard Featal stetoscope (Aluminum, elatwx rubber cushion)3782 Hodge persaries (perspex biolable size 0 -size 16)3783 Uterine scissors (Straight with blunt point 8m)3784 Uterine scissors curved on flat 8,9 m3785 American pattern umbilical scissors (4m)3786 Vant episeotomy scissors (3m blades ,9 1/2m)3787 Galabin uterine sound(malleable shaft ,graduated in cm ,silver plated)3788 Horrodes uterine sound (malleable shaft ,graduated in 2cm ,intervals)3789 Doyen Myoma screw ( for use perabdomen )3790 Doyen Myoma Screw (for use per vagina)3791 Silicone operation pad3792 Microvascular needle holder (with diamond ,gold plted bows 178)3793 Bipolar forceps (straight fine angled jaws)3794 Probe dissector (curved with groove)3795 Microvascular needle holder type B3796 Microvascular dissecting scissors3797 Gillies suction tube , yankauer , cooley3798 Sterilizing box3799 Micro vascular dissecting forceps (straight 120mm)3800 Micro vascular needle holding foceps angled 45, 1103801 Mucus Extractor3802 Sorrento Hospital Umbico Forceps130 of 218

3803 Suture Set M.wache Needle3804 Crosbic jugnal Biopsy set3805 Galabine Hook sharp3806 Guide Needle3807 Grosbic Jugenal biobsy L.M.S.3808 London Retractor With Blads L.M.S.3809 Jobson horne probs..3810 Paper -K-615 for Sonnar Auassonic Jelly.3811 Intrauterine device3812 Condom for males (contraceptive)3813 Ltugan uterin dilator diferent size3814 Wlerine Clamp3815 Metal Bowel `3816 Suction curette3817 Sims speculam3818 Asherman curett3819 Dilater3820 UROLOGY3821 Urine bag (adult) , (infant) PCSXIV Folley catheter 3 way - (18,20,22,24,26) Fr. 30 cc3822 Folley catheter 2 way - (6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24) Fr.3823 Folley catheter 2 way- (FILIFORM 3-7Fr.coude tip)3824 Folley catheter 2 way (Filiform 3-7Fr.spiral tip)3825 Metallic urethral dilator set3826 Hydraulic urethral dilator & Accessory3827 Urethal Stents & installation & withdrawal kits3828 Cunningham penile clamp3829 Condom size 30 , 353830 Ureterostomy BAG & Base &Belt (set)3831 catheter plug3832 Prostatic spiral stent kit (5sizes) with insertion & withdrawal set3833 Trucut prostatic biopsy needle3834 Frankin - silverman prostatic biopsy needle3835 Franzn prostatic biopsy needle3836 Automatic prostatic biopsy gun3837 Penile prosthesis ( diff size)3838 Testicular prosthesis (diff size )3839 Silicon spray3840 Tur suit , pcs3841 Penile snap gauge , set3842 Toomy syringe 50 , 100 cc , pcs3843 Spare barrel 50 , 100 cc , pcs3844 Tur/catheter 3way-mercier tip-20Fr , 22Fr , 24Fr.3845 Catheter introducer straight3846 Catheter introducer curved3847 Nelaton catheter (6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24) Fr3848 Ureteric catheter (3,4,5,6,7) Fr3849 Ureteric catheter (3,4,5) Fr Chevassu3850 Occlusion ureteric Baloon catheter , 5F3851 Ureteral Dilation set3852 Hydraulic ureteral dilation set3853 Ziess ureteric loop (4,5,6) Fr3854 Dormia stone extractor /(3 , 5)Fr with Handle3855 Ureteral Double loop stent set (4,5,6,7,8 ) Fr different lengths3856 Uretero-Sigmoidostomy catheter (6,10) Fr3857 Ureterostomy Catheter (8,14) Fr131 of 218

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