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The Key to letters and eombinotlans thereof Indieoting story type: (Ad) Adventure-Drama; (Ac) Aetlon-

Droma; (An) Animated-Action; (C) Comedy; (CD) Comedy-Drama; (Cr) Crime-Drama; (DM) Drama

with Music; (Doc) Documentary; (Dj Drama; (F) Fantasy; (PC) Farce-Comedy; (Ho) Horror-Drama; (HI)

Histericol-Droma; (M) Musicol; (My) Mystery; (OD) Outdoor-Drama; (SF) Science-Fiction; (W) Western.


|@Divi(ie!l Heart, The (S9) D..540g

Cornell Borchers, Alexander Knox

r Ss) Headline Hunters (70) . . D. .5440

I Kod Cameron, Julie Bishop

'3lj0Last Command, The




S. Hayden. A. M. Alberghetti


Cross Channel (60) D..5441

Morris, Yvonne Furneaux


©Left Hand of God, The

(87) © D.. 520-7

Humphrey Bogart, Gene Tlerney

©Seven Cities of Gold

(103) © D.. 522-3

Richard Bgan. Rita Moreno,

Michael Rennle


light of the Hunter, The

(90) D..5527

Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters



Story, The

(107) © D..501

Alan Ladd, June Allyson

glTwinkle in God's Eye, The

(74) CD. 5444

Mickey Rooney, Coleen Gray

E)©Man Alone, A (96) . .W. .5409

Bay Milland. Mary Murphy

@ Mystery of the Black Jungle

(72) Ad. .5442

Lex Barker, Jane Maxwell

a No Man's Woman (70) . . , 5445

Marie Windsor. John .\rcher


S Vanishing American, The

(90) W. .5501

Scott Brady, Audrey Totter

©Tall Men. The (125) ©.W.. 523-1

Clark Gable. Jane RusseU


©Girl in the Red Velvet Swing

(108) © D.. 524-9

R. Milland, J. Collins, F. Granger

Lover Boy (85) CD.. 526-4

(Hevievred as "Lovers, Happy

Lovers" 11-13-54)

Gerard Philipe, Joan Greenwood

©View From Pompey's Head, The

(97) © D.. 525-6

Richard Egan, Dana Wynter

©Deep Blue Sea, The

(99) © D. .527-2

Vivien Leigh, Kenneth More

©Good Morning, Miss Dove

(107) © 0.. 528-0

Jennifer Jones, Robert Stack

©Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

(99) © M..5531

Jane Russell, Crain


©Fort Yuma (79) 0D..5533

Peter Graves, Joan Vohs

Othello (92) D..5530

Orson Welles, Cloutler


©Savage Princess (101) .. .Ad. .5534

(Filmed In India with native cast)

Big Knife, The (lU) . . . . D. .5532

.lack I'alance, Ida Luplno,

SheUey Winters, ru)d Steiger

©To Hell and Back

(106) © 0..539

(Standard version: 540)

Audie Murphy, Charles Drake

2] ©I Died a Thousand Times

(109) © 0..50

Jack Palance, Shelley Winters

S ©Sincerely Yours

(115) M..50

Llberace, Dorothy Malone.

©Rains of Ranchipur, The

(104) © D..!

Lana Tyrner, Richard Burton,

Fred MacMurray

©Heidi and Peter (89)

. . . .D . .5538

Elsbeth Sigmund, Thomas Klameth

©Indian Fighter, The

©Second Greatest Sex, The

(88) © OD. 5537 (89) © M..

Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martlnelll

Jeanne Crain, George Nader

Top Gun (73) W..5536

Sterling Hayden, Karen Booth

S ©Court-Martial of Billy

Mitchell (100) © D..507

Gary Cooper, Ralph Bellamy

a ©Flame of the Islands

(90) D..5502

Yvonne De Carlo, Howard Duff,

Zachary Scott

m Jaguar (66) Ad . .


Sabu, Barton MacLane

13 Track the Man Down

(73) D..5533

Kent 'Taylor, Petula Clark

©Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The

(101) © C. 601-5

Tom Ewell, Sheree North

©Bottom of the Bottle, The

(88) © D.. 602-3

Van Johnson, Roman,


Joseph Gotten

Man With the Golden Arm, The

(119) D..5540

Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker,

Kim Novak

Storm Fear (88) D..5539

Cornel WUde, Jean Wallace

©All That Heaven Allows

(89) D..5609

Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson

©Spoilers, The (84) D .

Jeff Chandler, Anne Baxter,

Rory Calhoun


g©Hell on Frisco Bay

(98) ©

Alan Ladd, Joanne Dru

HWhen Gangland Strikes

(70) .Cr.,5535

Raymond Greenlcif, Marjie Millar


Webb, Gloria Grahame

Killer Is Loose, The (73) . . D . . 5608

Joseph Gotten, Rhonda Fleming, ©Benny Goodman Story, The

Wendell Corey

(116) M . . 5611

©Let's Make Up (72) . . . .M . .5604 Steve Allen, Donna Reed

Errol Pljnn. Anna Neagle

SManfish (76) Ad.. 5607 There's Always Tomorrow

John Bromfield, Victor Jory

(84) 0..5610

Shadow of the Eagle (93) D..5605 Barbara Stanwyck. Fred MacMurray,

Richard Greene, Valentina Cortesa Joan Bennett

ESQCome Next Spring

(92) D..5505

Steve Cochran, Ann Sheridan

Stranger at My Door (S7). .D. .5507

Macdonald Carey, Patricia Medina

©Zanjabuku (71) Doc..550S

Lewis Cotlow's African Trip

©Circus Girl (88) D..5506

Special production

Terror'at Midnight (70) .


Scott Brady, Joan Vohs

©On the Threshold of Space

(96) © SF. 605-6

Guy Madison, Virginia Leith

©Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, The

(152) © D. .606-4

Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones

Fredric March, Marisa Pavan

©Revolt of Mamie Stover, The

(93) © D..608-0

Jane Russell, Richard Egan

©Mohawk (79) CD.. 609-8

Scott Brady, Rita Gam,

Neville Brand

©Hilda Crane (85) ©.... D. .611-4

Jean Simmons,»-Jean Pierre Aumont,

Guy Madison

©23 Paces to Baker Street

(..) © D.. 607-2

Van Johnson, Miles


Ghost Town (75)


Kent Taylor, Marian Carr

Patterns (S3) D..5612

Van Hellin, Beatrice Straight

©Comanche (87) © W..5611

Dana Andrews, Linda Cristal

Sea Shall Not Have Them, The

(91) Ad.. 5606

>Ucbael Redgrave, Dirk Bogarde

©Alexander the Great

(141) © D..5621

Richard Burton, Claire Bloom,

Fredric March (Prerelease)

Timetable (79) D..5609

Mark Stevens, Farr


Broken Star (82) W..5614

Hoviard Duff, Lita Baron

Creeping Unknown (78) .SF. . .5620

Brian Donlevy, Margia Dean

Crime Against Joe (69) .. My. .5615

John Bromfield, Julie I^ndon

©Quincannon, Frontier Scout



Tony Martin, Peggie Castle

©Foreign Intrigue (..)... .D. .

Robert Mitchum, Genevieve Page

Unidentified Flying Obietts

(91) Doc.

Creature Walks Among Us, The

(78) SF..5617

Jeff Morrow, Leigh Snowden

©Day of Fury, A (78) . . . . W. .5619

Dale Robertson, Mara Corday,

Jock Mahoney

©Serenade (121) DM .


Mario Lanza, Joan Fontaine

Serlta Monteil, Vincent Price


a Goodbye, My Udy (95).. D.. 517

Brandon de Wilde, Walter Brenr,an

! ©Searchers, The (119) ®.W. .518

John Wayne, Natalie Wood,

Jeffrey Hunter. Vera Miles

©Thunder Over Arizena

. .





James Craig. Llla Milan

©Dakota Incident OD..

Linda Darnell, Dale Robertson

Lisbon (g) 0..

Ray Milland, Maureen O'Hara

©Acapuico Story D..

Ralph Meeker, Janice Rule

Oaniel Boone, Trailblazer.

Bruce Bennett, 1,od Chaney

White Nightmare D..

Jaan Bvans, Ben Cooper

Hlnky Dinky Parley Vous C.

Mickey Roonty, Wally Cos

Dangerous Cargo D.

Dane Clark. May Wynn

Man Question, The in D

Ella BaioM. Derek Farr

©D-Day the 6th of

©King and I, The ©55 DM . .Jul

Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner

©Bus Stop © D . . Aug

Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray

©Last Wagon, The © W. .Aug

Richard Widmark, FeUcia Farr

©Day the Century Ended ©. . . .Seo

Robert Wagner, Cameron Mitchell

©Best Things in Life Are

Free © M. .Sep

Gordon MaeKae, Ernest Borgntoe,

Sheree North, Dan Dalley

©Massacre W. .

Dane aark. Marta Roth

©Abdullah the Great CD.

Gregory Ititoff. Kay KendaU

©Boy on a Dolphin © Ad.

Robert Wagner,

Joan OolUns

©Kiss Before Dying, A

(..) © D..5622

Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter,

Virginia Leith, Mary Astor

Nightmare (. .) D.

Bdw. G. Robinson, Kevin McCarthy

©Star of India (92) Ad.. 5623

Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace

Black Sleep, The (..).... Ho. .5617

Basil liathbone, Bela Liigosi

Johnny Concho! W. .Jul

Frank Sinatra, Phyllis Kirk

©Trapeze © D..Jul

Burt Lancaster, 0. Lollobrigida

©Ambassador's Daughter © . CD . . Aug

0. de Havilland, J. Forsythe

Emergency Hospital D . . Aug

Margaret Lindsay, Walter Reed

Fragile Fox D..Sap

Jack Palance, Eddie Albert

Beast of Hollow Mt. © Ad..

Guy Madison, Patricia Medina

©Run for the Sun ©235.. Ad..

Richard Widmark, Jane Greer



George Montgomery. Mona Freeman

Wild Party 0..

Anthony ftuinP; Carol Ofamart

©Rawhide Years, The W..Jul

Tony Curtis, Colleen Miller

©Congo Crossing Ad . . Jul

George Nader, Virginia Mayo

©Toy Tiger CD . . Jul

Jeff Chandler, Tim Hovey

©Away All Boats ® D..Aug

Jeff Chandler. Julie Adams

Francis in the Haunted House. C. Aug

Mickey Rooney, Virginia Welles

©Proud Land © W. .Sep

Audie Murphy, Anne Bancroft

©Raw Edge OD..Sep

Rory Calhoun. Yvonne De Carlo

Behind the High Wall D..Sep

Tom Tullj, SylWa Sidney

©Showdown at Abilene W Oct

Jock Mahoney, Martha Hyer

Long as You're Near Me

(101) D..519

0. W. Fischer, Maria Scbell

Animal World (82) Doc. 520

Nature feature (photography plus


©Santiago (. .) Ad.

Alan Ladd, Ro.isana Podesta

©Moby Dick ©

OD. .Jul

Gregory Peck. Richard Basehart

©Burning Hills, The W.

Tab Hunter, Natalie Wood

Bad Seed, The D..

Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack

©Seven Men From Now W.

R.mdolph Scott, Gail RusseU



Taylor, Rock Hudson


©Spirit of St, Louis @ 0..

James Stewart, Rena Clark

Toward the Unknown D..

WUIinm Holden, Virginia Leith

Baby Doll D.

Karl Maiden, Carroll Baker

Buffalo Grass W.

Man Ladd, Virginia Mayo

BOXOFFICE BookJnGulde :: May 12, 1956

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