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: May

Drive-In Operators

Like Pressbook Aid

Operators of drive-in theatres in a representative

cross-section of tlie country have

signified in writing their appreciation of

Columbia's new policy of including special

drive-in exploitation sections in presslx)olcs.

The new program, outlined by A. Montague.

Columbia general sales manager, at the

Allied States drive-in convention in Cleveland

several months ago, has been put into

effect in the campaign manuals for

"Jubal" and "The Harder They Fall."

Owners and managers of ozoners have

penned bouquets to Montague, some of

which are reprinted below:

Roy Cooper, West Side-Valley Theatres

of San Fiancisco: "... Your idea is so

good that I am sending photostatic copies

of your first exploitation section on 'Jubal'

to all our theatre managers—conventional

and drive-in alike."

J. J. Rosenfeld of Favorite Theatres of

Spokane: "I think this is a great idea...

should help to stimulate interest and create

some new business."

W. W. Hammonds jr. of the Bowline

Drive-In of Decatui-: "I have just mailed

our drive-in managers a letter on the importance

of new and fresh ideas . . . your

knowledge of the drive-in manager's need

in adding the special section to your pressbooks

will certainly produce these new and

fresh ideas ... I am confident your idea

not only will grow with your company but

soon will be a part of all the distributor


Kiddy Shows Thrive

(Continued from page 127)

for Fun show giveaways from the stage.

Another valuable use of the card numbers

is gained by encoui-aging the Fun Club

members to read the theatre's nightly ads

which often carry such an insertion as:

"Pun Show Club Member 2012 is awarded

two free pases if claimed at the boxoffice

before 9:30 tonight."

"We find the kids checking our ads daUy

before turning to the comic pages,"

Bugala reported.

The following week's Pun show program

is always announced by distribution

of a herald.

"We found the most effective type of

herald to be one column by about 15

inches," said Bugala. "These are distributed

to the playgrounds and at the

theatre during the vacation months. While

schools are in session the heralds are distributed

directly to the schools."

The Monessen general manager gives

generous credit to summer playgrounds

supervisors and instructors in each of the

Pennsylvania towns where the theatres are

located for helping start the F\m shows.

"In addition to signing up children for

the Manos Fun Club," Bugala pointed out,

"the officials originate projects of their

own which take place on the theatre stage

weekly during the summer shows."

BOXOFFICE Showmandiser :

It's Touch and Go' Promotion for Days

When Car Dealer Joins Theatre

"Touch and Go," the J. Ai-thur Rank

film being released by U-I, is a natural for

a cooperative promotion with the Chrysler

Motor Corp.'s pushbutton (touch and go)

drive, and for this alone, the sprightly

comedy merits consideration for a booking

spot in all situations where this tieup can

be put over.

Johnston Motors, the largest Chrysler-

Plymouth dealer in Vancouver, B. C, extended

outstanding cooperation with Syd

Freedman, manager, starting five days in

advance and continuing through the run

at the Studio, a downtown ai't house.

The entii-e lounge floor of the theatre

was turned into a showroom for Chrysler-

Plymouth products and accessories. A

cutaway of a Plymouth spotlighted the

"Touch and Go" pushbutton driving, with

a salesman on duty at all times to answer

questions, with, of coui-se, special attention

to prospective buyers. A pretty model

handed out advertising folders to one and

all. There was even a special booth for

receiving phone calls.

Two attractive standees, one outside and

the other on the main floor, directed people

to the showroom. Soft drinks, chocolates

and nuts were served to the guests,

courtesy of the theatre. These were obtained

free from distributors via a special


Outside assists by Johnston Motors was

more extensive. Two days In advance, the

dealer had spots on the film and the pushbutton

drive on radio every half hour, day

and night, and followed through for a

week. Starting a day before opening a

caravan of eight Chryslers and Plymouths

covered the downtown district with "Touch

and Go" signs, while 27 other cars covered

other parts of the city from morning to

night through the run. A big Chrysler

hardtop with overhead sign was parked

12. 1956 — 129 —

in front of the theatre at all times. On opening

day two girls posed on the hood of

this car (upper photo), and this was reproduced

in local papers.

Drivers of all the cars invited all to see

"Touch and Go," and passed out special

invitations to the people who stopped.

In all promotions, radio and ads on

sports and other pages, the motor firm

offered special discounts during the "Touch

and Go" tieup.

To keep things going at a sprightly pace

during the run, Freedman an-anged a Miss

"Touch and Go" beauty contest, also with

cooperation of Johnston Motors. Everyone

was invited to send in a picture of the

most beautiful girl he or she knew. The

photos were displayed in the main foyer at

the Studio, and the public was asked to

vote for its choice. Valuable gifts, including

a "surprise" for the person sending

in the wirming photo, were promoted.

In all, the theatre and the motor dealer

kept things popping right through the

showing of "Touch and Go."

Pearl, Pass in Envelope

For 'Pearl of So. Pacific'

Lew Bray jr., manager of the Queen

Theatre in McAllen, Tex., tj^ped this on 150

small envelopes (234x5'4> : "This Envelope

Contains a Pearl. It's Not Real—But 'Pearl

of the South Pacific' in Technicolor, Starring

Virginia Mayo, Is Real and Will Be

Showing at the Queen Theatre for Three

Big Days, Starting, etc." Each envelope

contained a small, imitation pearl and a

pass good for two admissions with payment

of 60 cents. He distributed these

around town.

A 24-sheet he had pasted on the sidewalk

didn't last long—the police chief

ordered him to take it up.

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