: May

lotwick Emphasizes

industry Triumphs

MIAMI—When Harry Botwick. Florida

State Theatres southeastern manager, was

invited to write a guest column on the Miami

Herald's amusement page, he declared he was

tempted "to lambaste some of our severest

critics, but we resisted this impulse so that

we could use the opportunity to say what we

think is 'right' with the movies." Botwick's

column emphasized the motion picture industry

ranks high among American industries

that contribute to the economy, the happiness

and the welfare of the nation.

"One hears of the nickelodeon days and one

speaks of the movies which is a literal magic

carpet, transporting the average patron into

{gold Mining in

a wonderful world, not only of make-believe,

but into a world of entertainment that no

other medium can provide. One speaks of

stereophonic sound, Cinemascope, Vista-

Vision and Technicolor. We often wonder if

the average patron, when he or she buys a

theatre ticket, realizes just what he is getting

for the price of that admission.

"We know that they seek out top entertainment,

such as Oklahoma! Rose Tattoo,

Guys and Dolls. I'll Cry TomoiTOW. Man in

the Gray Flannel Suit and The Swan, but

we wonder how often they realize that with

the privilege of witnessing a top production,

they also pm-chase the right to a comfortably

cushioned ai-mchair in a scientifically designed

theatre, thoroughly air conditioned

and witness a motion pictm-e projected and

shown through the best scientific and mechanical

equipment available, upon which

YOUR Concession Stand}

that's the slogan of this


Joint Annual


Theatres Association and Motion Picture

Theatre Owners and Operators of


(MAY 27 - 28 - 29

Dinkier Plaza Hotel

Atlanta, Georgia

Program Highlights:

• Personal Counselor Service • Cyclorama of Clinics

•Inspirational Message by Alfred Starr

•Lavish Entertainment for Exhibitors and Wives

•Special Showing, "THIS IS CINERAMA"

This convention has been carefully planned

to bring you maximum returns on your time

with a small expense to you. You'll certainly

PROFIT from this great, interest-packed

program. Enjoy the many entertainment


The entire program is focused on features of

value to the average small town exhibitor.

All major phases of theatre operation and

management will be covered with emphasis

on the Concessions Clinic.

Other clinics will feature Product, Advertising,

General Theatre Equipment and Financing.

For further information and reservations contact:

J. H. THOMPSON, Chairman

Convention Committee

Something new has been added with the Personal

Consultation Service. Upon request,

your problem will be answered by well qualified


You'll hear a message of great importance

to you from Alfred Starr, post president of

TOA and a nationally-known champion of the

exhibition industry.

Exhibitors and their wives will both enjoy

"THIS IS CINERAMA," special showing

through the courtesy of the Stanley Warner

Corporation. Three days of fun and entertainment

are also scheduled for exhibitors

and wives.



constant research and improvements are continually

being made?

Just think of the vast technological advances

made in the past five years! Movies

are better, bigger, have more production

values, more talent, more creative ability and

more effort is being made constantly to provide

om- patrons with the best stories, best

plays and best musicals.

'During the last year, top pictm-es have

played to more people than ever before because

of an interest and hunger for pictui'es

of this type—this is in spite of Intense competition

from radio, TV, sports and other

amusements for your attention and leisure


Culminating the technical and creative

triumphs of motion pictui-es over the past

years is the crowning achievement of all

the presentation of Rodgers and Hammerstein's

'Oklahoma!' in Todd-AO. This daring

process is presently and quietly revolutionizing

the motion picture business, since

more and more producers are considering the

production of films in this new technique.

'Already completed and to be shown this

year is Michael Todd's production of Jules

Verne^s Around the 'World in 80 Days.' In the

planning stage is Rodgers and Hammerstein's

'South Pacific'

"One of my greatest satisfactions in recent

years was to stand in the lobby of the Sheridan

Theatre and see people who have not

been to the movies in years walk in as skeptics

and come out as devotees, commenting

that they never knew that the motion pictui-e

could provide such glorious entertainment.

"At dinner tonight, ask yourself, or ask

your sons and daughters, if they like the

movies, and we will bet that everyone will

say they are wonderful!

"We of Florida State Theatres are very

proud to be motion picture exhibitors, and

I am even prouder to be associated with

PST, the pioneer organization of all motion

pictui-e theatres in the state of Florida, and

a sub.sidiary of American Broadcasting-

Paramount Theatres, Inc."

Two Knoxville Drive-Ins

Updated With $110,000

KNOXVILLE—The Family Drive-In


has leased the Starlite Drive-In on Alcoa

highway and the Skyway Drive-In on the

Maynardville pike for 20 years from Eugene

Monday. Spence Pierce, president of the

corporation, said $110,000 will be invested in

remodeling the two drive-ins.

The Starlite will be renamed the Cinema

and $75,000 tabbed for its renovation, remainder

of the funds being used to improve

the Skyway. The Skyway will open about

May 15, Pierce said, and the Cinema on June 1.

The Family Drive-In firm also leases the

Family Drive-In on North Broadway and the

Knoxville at Bearden from Monday.

Prize to Thomas Waterfield

TAMPA — Thomas 'Waterfield of the

Seminole Theatre was a top winner in the

recently closed "Guys and Dolls" sales contest

sponsored by R. R. Harris, confection

sales manager of Florida State Theatres.

Airer Opens at Sanford, Ky.

SANFORD. KY.—Davis Drive-In Theatre

on the Hustonville road, near here, has

opened for the spring, summer and fall season.

The outdoor theatre is equipped to show



12, 1956

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