: May

. . signed

Dana Andrews Is Honored

At Uvalde, Tex., Event

HOLLYWOOD—Dana Andrews, cuiTently

starring in RKOs •While the City Sleeps,"

was guest of honor Fi-iday ilH at ceremonies

marking the 100th anniversai-y of the founding

of Uvalde, Tex., where his father was a

Now if they could have dropped "vision"

somewhere into that label, it would have con-

minister for many years. Uvalde also is the

home town of former Vice-President John

to prove that there's



always room trived to lift somrthing from the name of

for one more—especially at the top every established widescreen medium. Y.

A special public exhibition of 115 production

Republic has unveiled

the new, widescreen photographic

its contribution

to techniques.

drawings and paintings by staff

Frank Freeman isn't Koing to be too happy

or is he?—about boinR slighted thataway.


John L. Jensen for Cecil B. DeMille's new

Paramount enti-y, "The Ten Commandments," Attractively tagged Naturama, the process

is being presented for two weeks at the makes its debut in the Trucolor outdoor action

Waxing uncharacteristically .sanguinary,

Chouinard Art Institute here. Jensen is a drama, "The Maverick Queen," co-starring

Milton Luban, currently a .stress agent for

Barbara Stanwyck and BaiTy Sullivan former student of the institute.

Frank and Walter Seltzer's Boss Productions,

and recently unveiled for press appraisal. The reports: "William Phlpps . ... to


Z^^cuti4JJ^ '1nxi4Ji^'il

anamorphic system, developed by Republic's

engineering department in collaboration with

Consolidated Film Industries, represents two

play a killer massacres four federal

agents and a horde of innocent bystanders


years of research and development under

So, what does he do for an encore?

Ea.*it: C. V. Whitney Pictures dispatched

Aiin Hai-ris. head of it,s story department, to the supervision of Herbert J. Yates, Republic

New York to scout the eastern literary market,

president, and Daniel J. Bloomberg, chief

while Allan Reed of the art department engineer and technical manager.


headed for Missouri for a two-week stay to

In its application to "The Maverick DISNEY'S

check locations for the upcoming Whitney

Queen," Naturama eliminates practically all •DAVY CROCKETT AND THE RIVER

entry, "The Missouri Traveler."

graininess. and compai-es favorably, as concerns


depth-illusion and scope, with similar

—Joe Reddy-Walt Disney


East: Robert Goldstein, who has a multiplepicture

releasing commitment with United

Artists, headed for Gotham for huddles with

UA distribution brass.

East: A visitor from Indo-China was Jean

Schwoerer. circuit operator in Saigon, who

conferred at Pai-amount with Cecil B. De-


East: G. Ralph Branton, Allied Artists

executive and president of its video subsidiary.

Interstate Television, left for New York

on a w-eek's business trip.

West: Henry King, 20th-Fox megaphonist,

returned from a trek to Manhattan.

West: Expected in at the studio for planning

huddles were SpjTOs Skouras, 20th-Fox

president, and Joseph Moskowitz, eastern

production representative, who were to confer

with Buddy Adler, in charge of production.

East: Harold J.

Mlrisch, Allied Artists vicepresident,

headed for New York for parleys

with Ed Morey, also a vice-president, and

Morey Goldstein, vice-president and general

sales manager.

East: William Bloom, RKO production, took

off for Manhattan on a business jaunt.

East: Maxwell Amow, Hecht-Lancaster

vice-president and talent executive, left for

Gotham to test a number of new acting personalities

for possible term tickets.


Mervin Houser, RKO studio publicity

chief, returned Thursday (10) from ten

days of conferences with New York executives

of the company.

West: Producer Arthur Hornblow jr.

planed in from London after three weeks of

planning conferences concerning "Witness for

the Prosecution," based on the Agatha

Christie stage play, which he will produce in

Britain next year in association with Edward

Small for United Artists release.


12. 1956

devices now in use. It utilizes specially designed

lenses manufactured by a French

optical firm, attached to standard Mitchell

camera lenses, which provide a 2.35-1 aspect

ratio. Prints will be available with an

optical -sound track only, and no additional

equipment is required for theatres now

capable of handling widescreen presentations.

For showcases that do not have wideangle

lenses Naturama will be squeezed down

to a 1.85-1 ratio. The system has one

"exclusive"—an automatic adaptor attachment

which controls the simultaneous focusing

of both the Naturama and Mitchell

lenses, thus eliminating the human element

of possible error and distortion.

Yates has revealed that the bulk of his

company's program for 1956 will be filmed in

Naturama and Trucolor. On the heels of

"The Maverick Queen," earmarked for early

distribution, will come two others similarly

garnished— "Lisbon," starring and directed

by Ray Mllland, and "Thunder Over Arizona,"

which features Skip Homeler and

Kristlne Miller.

Far-seeing industryites long since concluded

that the most potent and promising weapon

to curb and contain the growing competition

of television is constant accent upon the

theatrical .screen's— -the widescreen, preferably—superior

ability to reflect all that is

desirable and impressive in filmed entertainment.

Thus Naturama will be welcomed by both

the production and exhibition branches of the

trade as added strength for that weapon.

Expectedly, the rash of new processes is

not without its opportunistic, all-is-confusion

facets. Witness the announcement that an

independent outfit calling itself Ireland-

Grashoff Productions intends to launch an

actioner, "The Violent Wait," in an anamorphic

system ta£g:ed Ciramascope.

You must be more careful about those

typographical errors, Joe.

From Teet Carle's Paramount prai-sery, a

painstaking handout about the hardships involved

in moving "the film industry's largest

portable wind machine" to Lone Pine for

use in shooting scenes for "The Lonely Man."

It would have been easier—and cheaper—

to fly Bob Goodfried to the location.


Johnny Flinn, chief adjective-agitator

for Allied Artists, advises that "Ann Griffith,

daughter of H. J. Griffith, Dallas, Tex.,

president of Frontier Theatres, Inc.," is making

her screen debut in an AA entry, "Night


The picture now Is assured of bookings

throughout the Frontier circuit, If nowhere


A communique from the RKO Radio ravery

discloses that the studio is planning early

production of a feature dealing with the

launching of a man-made satellite into space

300 miles above the earth's .surface. Of three

titles tentatively selected for the venture, one

is "Around the World in 90 Minutes."

What are they trying to do, make a bum

out of Mike Todd? It's taking him 80 days—

and seven million dollars—to make the same


The same RKO's praise pundit, Mervin

Houser, broadcast word that Alice Englert, a

member of the publicity staff, had been selected

by officiak of the U. S. Volleyball Ass'n

to be on the AII-.American women's team,

which will compete in Paris this coming .August

for the world's championship.

That figures, .\nyone who has toiled for

Mervin should be quite expert at passing the

bailor buck.

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