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\irithout rity." an Italian made film distributed

locally by Sieg Horowitz, did a

good first run business at the Vogue Theatre

in its first Philadelphia showing. The

p:i:i:ii> was exploited as the "story of a

Niu:.' CiI" . . . The Dover. Del., chapter of

i!u National Ass'n for Advancement of

Coluifd People called a boycott by Negroes

of two theatres in Dover, a drive-in south of

town, and one each at Middletown and

Smyrna. Bernard F^-isby. a member of the

chapter's integration unit, claimed that the

four theatres were segregated and the drivein

made Negroes park their cars on one side.

A spoke.^iman for the family owning the five

theatres said there was "no segregation at



James VV. Ercolani, a 19-year-old South

Philadelphia youth, has been signed to a

seven-year contract by Columbia Pictures on

the strength of his photograph showing his

good looks . . . Frank Colantuono. father of

Lou. the Arcadia Theatre executive, was in

Misericordia Hospital . Swan" at

the Randolph here has taken a swan dive

since opening day from the boxoffice receipts

which had been expected. It is expected

to do a landoffice business at the

Alden Theatre, which is in the princess' home

territory. East Falls. "To Catch a Thief"

caught fire at the boxoffice at the theatre

when it played there.

believes that the city may not be able to

pass such a local law without special enabling

legislation from the state.

Leo Barrett, who has operated the theatre

in Ashley for many years, now is manager of

the New Lyric in South Philadelphia. The

owner is Leo Posel . Garman. local

Paramount sales manager, was recuperating

in Germantown Hospital . . . Severe w'inds

completely demolished the Scavo brothers'

Ideal Drive-In in Newton Lake. Rebuilding

is to start immediately . . . Thi-ee score exhibitors

and exchangemen attended a testimonial

dinner to Frank Sculli at Remington Hotel

in Wilkes-Barre. Sculli, longtime local representative

for MGM. has been elevated to

cover Philadelphia sales.

The Savoy Theatre at Catasqua has been

sold by William Humphries to Jack Green-

bergs Northampton Theatre Co. . . . Perry

Lessy has leased the Strand from Ray

Schwartz Finance Co. is moving

from Vine street to 1901 Market St. .

Jim Forte, manager of Stanley Warner's

Waverly Theatre, sold a goodwill packet of

500 tickets to Sheffield Furniture & Carpet

Co. The store will give away the tickets to

customers . Kessler, manager of the

SW Benn Theatre, has been running Saturday

"Space Helmet Patrol" matinees for the



Zukor. chairman of the board of Paramount,

and Jack Kruchtnian. ownor of the

New Theatre, Baltimore, which has been

selected as one of the first 12 theatres in

the world to play Cecil B. DeMille's production

of "The Ten Commandments,"

are shown above discussing: this ambitious

undertaking. The picture, DeMille's 70th

production, opens in Baltimore in December.

Fruchtman started his film career

as an office boy for Paramount in 1929.

Today he owns seven Maryland theatres.

The jurj' listening to the Rossman miu'der

trial made a trip to the Viking to see "The Drive-In Is Relocated

Man in the Gray Flannel Suit." The theatre

had to cut out the newsreel for the show.

The bill was sent to quarter sessions court . this political

The city counci: will explore the possibility

of local motion picture censorship. The April injured in a traffic

grand jury expressed a need for the city to

have the power to ban "obscene, immoral and

crime-inciting" films, and the jury said that

the city should have a censorship ordinance.

However, council president James H. J. Tate

EVANSVTLLE. W. VA.—Page Irvin has relocated

his Town and Country Drive-In to

subdivision after being installed

for several years at Cheat Lake. Irvin was

collusion last year and his

outdoor theatre was closed most of the season

following this accident.


/^eorge Hendricks, manager of the Mayfair,

leaves soon for a vacation in Connecticut.

A new assistant at the Mayfair is Jon Hall,

formerly of the U. S Marines . Jones,

manager of the Town, had Bill Sparks in

Baltimore for a day, to provide advance promotion

for "Cockleshell Heroes." Sparks was

technical advisor during the picture's filming.

Chief Barker Earl Lewis of the Baltimore

Variety Club attended Variety's annual convention

in New York. Other delegates from

here included Mike Rendelman and Harry

Goldberg, both of Berlo Vending; Jack Whittle,

ex-chief barker and owner of the Avenue

Mechanic, retired Baltimore theatre

owner, and his wife entertained with a

party Monday night (7i for the opening of

"Can-Can" at Ford's Theatre. A supper for

the guests and several members of the cast

followed at the Sheraton Belvedere.

Hal Talmadge Colley, publicist for the Century

and New. had TV comedian George

Gobel in town Wednesday to meet the press,

radio and TV. Colley invited the group to

a breakfast party, after which Gobel went

on to Washington . Cremers is a new

assistant manager to Jimmy Richards at the

Little Theatre. He is a University of Baltimore

student, majoring in public relations.



O.Ml'I of WashinKton elected Madeline

Ackerman, Elmer Bncnt Co.. president;

Mary Agnes Sweeney, Louis Bernheimer Theatres,

and Mary Jane Wlnebrenner, Warner

Bros., vice-presidents; Florence Carden. Allied

Artists, recording secretary; Ethel Curtis,

20th-Fox, recording secretary; Nelia Turner.

RKO, treasurer, and Clara Lust of Ben Lust

Theatre Supply, ElUeen Oliver of 20th-Fox,

Sally Myers of Columbia to the executive

board. Past president Lucille Traband was

elected to serve as delegate to the WOMPI

convention in Atlanta September 28-30 with

Eilleen Oliver as alternate.

Dr. Harley W. Davidson Jr., son of the

Independent Theatre Service head, has been

appointed captain in the Air Force, and assigned

to study pathology at the Medical

College of Virginia in Richmond and the Johns

Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore . Victor

Orsingers, Villa Theatre. Rockville, became

parents of a baby son. They now have three

daughters and four sons Arganzio,

manager of the Governor Ritchie Drive-In,

Glenburnie, Md. and the Mount Vernon

Drive-In, Alexandria, suffered a heart attack

and is in the Kenmore Hospital at Boston.

The Dale Theatre at South Norfolk has

been renamed the Glen . . . Independent

Theatres Service advises that the Diamond

Theatre. Selbyville. Del., will close June 2 . . .

Rudolph Berger, MGM division manager, and

wife were vacationing in Florida . . . Esther

Blendman celebrated a birthday Thursday

and Sid Eckman celebrated one Friday .

Local F-13 voted to change its meeting night

from Monday to the first Tuesday of each




John Garst came in from Martinsville to

buy and book and Mrs. Robert

Smelzer. Warner exchange, were vacationing

in Florida . Sadie Bowles celebrated

a birthday Sunday . Oulahan is back

in town, selling for Warner Bros. and

Mrs. Albert Landgraf. Republic office manager,

celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary

. Joyce Kriso was vacationing

shipper Billy Wilson is breaking in

as a Republic salesman, which makes Stanley

Cotrill head shipper.

Actor George Murphy will be honored by

the Motion Picture and Television Council of

the District of Columbia at its annual

luncheon on Tuesday (15) in the Sheraton-

Carlton Hotel.

William Goldman Adds

Two Reading Theatres

PHILADELPHIA—William Goldman, president

of William Goldman Theatres, Inc., has

acquired two Reading theatres from Harry

J. Schad of Schad Theatres. One is the Astor

at 734 Penn St. and the other is the Strand

at 9th and Spring streets. He will take over

operation May 30.

Renovation now is in progress on the 2,150-

seat Astor. New seats, a new marquee, a new

facade with herculitc doors; new lobby and

boxoffice, and complete air conditioning are

part of the improvements. David Supowitz of

Philadelphia is the architect.

The Strand will continue its present policy

until plans for changes have been completed.

J. Lester Stallman of Reading will be city

district supervisor and Clayton Evans of

Reading will manage the Strand.

BOXOFFICE May 12. 1956 43

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