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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Checks and Preparation

Checks and Preparation 2.9 Using the Battery Pack (B-517: Option) The B-517: option battery is the only battery type that can be used with the GL900. Two battery packs need to be mounted when you have the GL900 run on batteries. You can also mount only one battery pack when you charge it (using the AC power source). At this time, the battery pack can be mounted on either the right or left. The running time using batteries is about 5 hours for 4-channel model and about 2.5 hours for 8-channel model when the screensaver is operating. Mounting the Battery Pack (1) While lightly pushing the grip of the battery cover, slid the cover in the direction indicated by the arrow. 1 2 (2) Attach the battery pack (B-517: option). 2 1 CAUTION When you have the GL900 run on batteries, be sure to mount two battery packs with the same charge level. Do not use a new battery with an old battery at the same time. If you are not sure about the amount, charge each battery and then attach full-charged two battery packs. (3) Attach the battery cover. 2-12

Checks and Preparation Charging the Battery You can mount either one or two battery packs when you charge them. Expected time required for charging: • battery pack x 1: approx. 4 hours • battery pack x 2: approx. 8 hours The battery pack is charged by mounting it in the GL900, attaching AC adapter to the GL900. (1) Mount the battery pack in the GL900 (see the previous section for the mounting procedure). (2) Turn on the power to the GL900. (Please see Section 2.4, "Connecting the Power Cable and Turning on the Power"). (3) The CHARGE LED lights. CHARGE LED CHECKPOINT • GL900 is equipped with a temperature monitor function which starts automatic charging as soon as it is cooled down. Therefore, depending on the internal temperature, charging may not be performed immediately. When charging is attempted while the power is ON, charging may not be performed immediately depending on the temperature environment. In such a case, set the Screen Saver settings to ON. GL900 will start charging as soon as it is cooled down. Charging temperature: 15 to 35 °C • If input is being made directly from the DC power supply instead of the AC adapter, the DC voltage must be at least approx. 16 V. 2-13

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