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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Settings and Measurement

Settings and Measurement 7. ENTER This key is primarily used for the following operation: • To finalize setting items during menu configuration or open submenus. 8. FAST FORWARD keys (KEY LOCK) These keys are primarily used for the following operation. • To move the cursor at high speed during replay. • To change the operation mode in the file box. • To set key lock (Hold down the left/right FAST FORWARD keys for at least two seconds. press again to unlock) A password for canceling the key lock can be specified. For details, see page 3-48. 9. START/STOP (USB Drive Mode) This key is used for the following two operations: • Starts capture during Free Running or replay. • Stops capture during capture. 3-9

Settings and Measurement In USB Drive Mode, the internal memory is recognized by the PC as external storage media. With the internal memory recognized as a removable disk, files can be easily transferred, deleted, or otherwise manipulated on it. (1) Use a USB cable to connect the GL900 and a PC. (2) While pressing the GL900 START/STOP key, turn the power ON. (3) The external storage media is recognized by the PC and data exchange becomes possible. * In USB Drive Mode, the display on the GL900 is as shown below. CAUTION • To cancel the USB Drive Mode, reboot the GL900. • All operations, including data capture and replay, will be disabled during USB Drive Mode. 10. REVIEW This key is used to replay captured data. • During Free Running, replays the last captured data. If no data has been captured yet because it is just after the power-on, no data is replayed (a message "No data captured" comes up). * While capturing data, recently captured data is replayed (data capture is continued). 3-10

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