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TIME TO READ - DEADLY FLIGHT English Deadly Flight Spanish Drug cartel Informer (v) Cooperate Authorities Investigation Criminal Attack Decade Violence Presidential Candidate Election President Activity 1 Part 1 Answer these questions. 1. What is a dream? 2. Can people remember what they dream at night? Part 2 State whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. Give reasons or examples to support your opinion. 1. People rarely dream at night. 2. I don´t think that people can predict the future in their dreams. 3. People can´t control their dreams. 24

TIME TO READ - DEADLY FLIGHT Activity 2 Match each word with the best synonym. The first has been done for you as an example. 1. reward 2. risk 3. outstanding 4. to rip (ripped) 5. to weep 6. fate b a. danger, hazard b. compensation, prize c. cry, sob d. excellent, exceptional e. destiny f. cut, tear apart While Reading As you read the story, look for the following: 1. Who are the main characters? 2. What is the main conflict or problem in the story? 3. Can you find any cognates in the story? If so, underline them. 25