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TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN Reading Strategy Recognizing and knowing language chunks (lexical chunks) A language chunk is a unit of language which is made up of two or more words, and good readers recognize these lexical units. Here is a list of some of the lexical chunks used in The Luckiest Man: live on a farm, set sail (in), located in, get along with, dedicate oneself/something to doing something Examples: I plan to move near Marseille and live on a farm. Although this boat set sail in India, my adventure did not begin there. Two important colonies along these routes are located in Goa and Macau. Like many empires that invade foreign lands, the Portuguese do not get along with the local people. I dedicated my time in the colony to ending this inhuman business. Grammar Review: comparative and superlative forms Remember we can use adjectives not only to describe but also to compare. The following notes will help you review the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. Short adjectives (one-syllable) tall old young taller the tallest older the oldest younger the youngest Long adjectives (two or more syllables) beautiful expensive lucrative more beautiful more expensive more lucrative the most beautiful the most expensive the most lucrative Adjectives ending in Y easy pretty lucky easier the luckiest prettier the prettiest luckier the luckiest 60

TIME TO READ - THE LUCKIEST MAN Examples: The Pope is a very old person. The President is 60 years old. Shakira is in her thirties. The Pope is older than Shakira. Shakira is younger than the President. The Pope is the oldest of the three. Notice that the comparative form is used when comparing two things. For example, are you taller than your teacher? No, my teacher is taller. Use the superlative form to describe the extreme quality of one part or one member of a whole group. For instance, are you the tallest in your class? No, Mike is the tallest. He is on the school basketball team. Activity 1 Complete the following chart. Adjective fast beautiful safe important happy big expensive tall Comparative faster more beautiful superlative the fastest the most beautiful Get some more practice with these other adjectives: common, inhuman loud, incredible, short, exotic, lucrative, corrupt, and cheap 61