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portada time to read 2


TIME TO READ - ANSWERS ANSWERS RAISING SWEETIE Activity 1: 1f/ 2i/ 3g/ 4a/ 5c/ 6j/ 7d/ 8e/ 9h/ 10b Activity 2: 1f/ 2d/ 3e/ 4a/ 5b/ 6c While Reading Capital letters: After tearfully burying her beloved pet poodle, Sweetie, Glenda Stevens, a Park Hills mother, would have to explain what happened to her four year daughter, Sara. Sweetie had been run over by a mail delivery truck, and not wanting Sara, who was napping at the time, to see, Mrs. Stevens checked for vital signs and finding none, hastened to bury the dog before Sara woke up. Other words: About, Mrs. Stevens, Little Sara, Glenda, Sara, The dog´s, Mrs. Stevens, She, Sara, Sweetie, The vet´s, Mrs. Stevens, She’s, I, She, Besides, Mrs. Stevens, Sweetie We use capital letters to begin a sentence and for people’s names (proper nouns) and titles. Verbs: Burying (bury), have to, explain, happened (happen), had been (past perfect), run over, wanting (want), napping (nap), see, checked (check), finding (find), hastened (hasten), bury woke up (wake up), tried (try), tell, begged (beg), took (take), ran (run), began (begin), scream, kicking (kick), dig out. Pulled (pull),wrapped (wrap), grabbed (grab), rushed(rush), suffered (suffer), was (be), be, let continue, refused (refuse), put, sleep, love, felt (feel), survived (survive), being (be), hit , do help, live, recalled (recall), brought (bring), fainted (faint), fallen (fall), fixed (fix), was able to (be able to), eat, reported (report), lost (lose),limp. 74

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS After Reading Activity 1: 1b/ 2a/ 3d/ 4a/ 5c/ 6d/ 7c/ 8d/ 9d Let´s Talk Some More Remember to support all your answers. Who are the characters in the story? The main characters are Glenda Stevens (Sara´s mother); Sara, a four-year old girl; and Sweetie, the dog. Other characters are the vet (veterinarian) and a specialist in Saint Louis. What is the story mainly about? This is a story of survival, and it tells us how Sweetie survives after being hit by a truck and being buried alive. Do you like the ending of the story? Answers will vary. We can say that it is a happy ending. What could be a different ending to the story? Answers will vary. Stimulate your students’ imagination so that they do their best to come up with original endings. Have you ever heard of a similar event? Tell us about it. Answers will vary. This is a great opportunity for storytelling. Puzzle Solution (Over,Down,Direction) AWAKE (16,5,E) BEG (9,11,NE) BURY (4,1,SE) CATCH (15,4,SE) CONSCIOUSNESS (2,1,SE) COVER (1,1,S) DEPRIVED (16,7,S) DIG (15,20,E) EXCAVATE (9,1,SW) FAIL (15,9,S) FAINT (18,2,SW) GRAB (14,5,SW) GRASP (6,6,W) GRAVE (10,18,NW) GRIP (11,6,W) HASTEN (17,16,N) HURRY (13,18,N) IMPLORE (14,4,W) LOSE (12,13,NW) OBTAIN (8,10,NE) OUT (8,17,SE) OVER (6,10,N) PLEAD (12,10,NE) QUICK (7,5,E) QUICKLY (7,12,NW) 75