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TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Let´s Talk Part 1 Answer the questions. 1. They had a mixture of feelings: shocked, sad, and happy. 2. Dandeny Muñoz 3. Pablo Escobar wanted to kill presidential candidate, César Gaviria Part 3 Answers will vary. This is an opportunity to expand this reading experience by having students search for more information on the Internet. Puzzle Solution (Over,Down,Direction) ASSASSIN (18,8,N) ATTACK (8,2,SE) AUTHORITIES (5,1,SE) BOMB (4,5,W) CANDIDATE (9,2,SW) CARTEL (4,1,E) COMPANY (10,5,SW) COOPERATE (17,1,S) CORPORATION (1,13,E) CRIMINAL (6,14,E) DECADE (20,1,S) DECIDED (9,15,W) DRUG (4,10,NW) ELECTION (20,8,S) ESCAPED (19,7,N) EXPLODED (20,10,W) HORRIBLE (10,8,NW) INFORMER (1,12,NE) INVESTIGATION (14,13,N) MULTINATIONAL (13,13,NW) PRESIDENTIAL (5,12,NE) RECENT (8,11,NE) RESPOND (8,12,NW) VIOLENCE (1,3,SE) VIVID (15,6,SW) 80

TIME TO READ - ANSWERS Focus on words Part 1 HITTING THE JACKPOT 2f/ 3j/ 4g/ 5a/ 6i/ 7d/ 8k/ 9b/ 10c / 11h Part 2 1 uplifting/ 2 relief / 3 furnished/ 4 mounts/ 5 tuition fee/ 6 seek/ 7 debt/ 8 facing/ 9 unemployed/ 10 homecoming Part 3 1- unemployed 2- HolyWeek 3- clue, gift, luck 4- bankrupt, savings 5- obstacles, faced, miracle. SCRIPT – Part 3 Listen to the following five statements. Underline the words you hear. Example: You hear: This is an amazing story; it is about a man´s spiritual rebirth. You underline: amazing and rebirth 1- Democrats campaign for more stimulus, relief for the unemployed, and taxes on the rich. 2- I loved Holy Week and always felt closest to God on Good Friday. 3- He had no clue where the gift was. Luck was not on his side. 4- He was going bankrupt and his savings weren’t going to hold out indefinitely. 5- Despite the obstacles faced, he became a true leader. It was a real miracle. 81