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Reviving the Flame

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Tourism Dimension In

Tourism Dimension In this case, tourism will directly benefit from the program thanks to the increase of available rentals. Furthermore, by renovating rentals based on sustainable development and local know-how, the Alps will benefit from a new USP to bring forward when showcasing the region. Locals Dimension Locals will directly profit from the program through two points: first, they will be able to afford an entire house renewal with interesting but realistic prices. This will provide them with more sustainable housing, which will allow them to save money (i.e. less energy loss through thermal insulation). Secondly, renting their houses will bring them extra money that can either be for personal benefits or that can be reinvested to keep on improving their property. Moreover, they will not have to worry about rental processes, which will be taken care of by professionals, also insuring potential damages from guests. Environment and Sustainable Development Through the program, the environment will be a key aspect. While the owner will benefit from interesting prices through the package, local policies should be respected and proposals should favour renewable energies, sustainable development and local know-how. On the short term, the capital changes to make would be thermic & sound insulation, improving heater resources, triple glazing, etc. Though, on the mid- and longer term, the start-up should propose “upgrade” or “extension” packages, which will allow the owners to enhance their house through the installation of solar panels, and further improved technology for sustainability. 8.1.4. Financing To start the project, the legacy association will bring a part the Sion 2026 heritage budget. Likewise, in Switzerland, ski resorts already benefit from governmental subvention to improve their area, which could be a way to add financial support to the “Alpine makeover” project and for it to become self-sufficient over time. Here is where the ideal to embody a high quality, low impact Alpine region becomes realistic: The project benefits from copyrights. Enterprises willing to be part of it would become member of the program by paying an annual membership fee. These funds will be used to first improve networking and promotion. With time, once the project is self-sustained, these fees will become key resources to invest in new technologies, apprenticeship in the building industries, or else. The renovation packages will conform to each destination’s target market (i.e. families, business, etc.) while in ad equation with the owner’s taste. Here, local companies will see job offer increase, may be able to hire more people and this will hopefully foster an economic upswing. Focusing on a local know-how and quality will also improve destination’s image. Handing over the Flame: Legacy Projects 45

While the packages are shaped according to each village’s clientele, the rental companies will propose prices according to these audiences. People see Switzerland as an expensive country. Therefore, while many businesses try to lower their prices, a strategy should rather study new markets with more buying power (i.e. UAE, Northern countries, etc.). Instead of focusing on offering discounts, focus should be given on convenience and service quality (i.e. packages incl. housing, ski pass & rentals, etc.). Tourist would still pay the “Swiss prices” but would enjoy an easy and smooth organisation where everything is organised and prepared for them. Finally, the money gained through the different rentals should be redistributed between the owners, the rental companies and a certain percentage would also go back to the different enterprises that proposed renovation packages. 8.1.5. Package Examples “Bronze” makeover – prices based on the square meters to renovate, type of materials, etc. This package aims at offering a basic “shell” renovation of the properties. It can include for example isolation (thermic, sound), floors, walls, etc. Everything that makes the house itself. “Silver” Makeover – This package would propose a basic makeover with further refurbishing inside the house, which could be, in example, modifying the floor plans (if possible), new kitchen or bathrooms, etc. “Golden” Makeover – this package is the deluxe version of the two-former proposals, which additional would include the services of a professional designer to rearrange the rooms, and house aesthetically. 8.1.6. Potential Partners Here, the main stakeholders will be again the legacy association of Sion 2026 that will manage and monitor the implementation of the program. Other key actors o Local building companies (masonry, carpenter, etc.) o Designers, furniture shops o Tourism offices/ entities o Housing companies o Local activities providers (i.e. ski schools, restaurants, etc.) o Etc. 8.1.7. Key Challenges In this project, the main issue is the rather closed mind-set of Swiss people, particularly in the Alpine region. The key action to be taken by the start-up will be to create synergies in their networking and foster the desire for people to work together and engage in a destination’s strategy that will answer people’s needs and wants, may they be local or visitors. See the SMART objectives in appendix XIII. Handing over the Flame: Legacy Projects 46