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Reviving the Flame

Travail de Master de Tiffany Duc

Appendix XII – SMART

Appendix XII – SMART Objectives Defined Specific: a specific objective must be directly linked with the work undertaken: it must be personalised. An objective can also be qualified as “simple” because it must be easy to understand, clear, precise so that the person taking care of it can be efficient. Measurable: an objective must be quantified or qualified. To realise an objective, the definition of a milestone is necessary in order to know what level must be attained, the value of the measure to meet. It is not possible to choose a goal that cannot be qualified or quantified. Achievable: the objective must be ambitious but at the same time reasonable in order to achieve it. Realistic: the objective must enthusiasm a majority of participant and stakeholders and be relevant to the project’s team. Time-bound: the objective must be defined in time with milestones and precise dating (i.e. in three months, in one year, etc.). Source: Appendices 71

Appendix XIII – SMART Objectives for Legacy Projects Specific Measurable Project 1: Alpine Makeover Targets the renewal of ski resort in terms of sustainable development and modernity Aim at increasing the rentals offers in the region Specific studies are needed, but can be measure and evaluated: i.e. after the first years, have an increase of 10% in venues in the region Project 2: Youth Multi Sport Targets the increase of the youth in winter sports’ activities Aim at being adapted to a four-season strategy Specific studies needed, but can also set a measurable target: i.e. by 2020 increase the number of young people in winter sports by 20% Achievable Steps and milestones must be organised but both projects can be achieved on the midor long-term Realistic Both projects are set to provide win-win situation to various stakeholders. They are realistic in that they both require financial investments from the Legacy Organisation and the Authorities, but are beneficial to the country by targeting national risks and issues Time-bound If the candidacy is won, objectives will be set accordingly, i.e.: By 2026 propose the first “green village” of the Alps, which will give seven years for the project to be implemented in a first area to be tested and later improved If the candidacy is won, objectives will be set accordingly, i.e.: Start the program for the winter 2019 or 2020 to increase interest and number of applicants. By 2026 have enough participants to organise a related event for the OG. Source: Author’s Table Appendices 72