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Trevor 147 “Yes, I

Trevor 147 “Yes, I did.” I could see that giving longer responses was still a problem for Trevor. It was hard to get this conversation going fluidly. “What presents did you get?” “A mobile of stars . . . To hang over my bed.” I had to laugh. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I suppose. Even with all the work and resources that went into this amazing transformation from the toddler who ignored social interaction to the little boy who was the center of this birthday party. But it was worth it. Alice told me that as Trevor falls asleep, there are stars in his eyes. That’s nice to know.

A Ernest Mind Apart Chapter 10 Ernest The View from the Bridge Ernest is five years old. He has curly brown hair, is slightly pudgy in a cute way, and has very large brown eyes that seem to take in a lot. He loves to wear striped shirts and to visit the canal on the outskirts of town so he can spend an hour or so dropping stones off the bridge. In winter, he can become quite upset if the water ices over and the stones no longer make the sound he likes when they hit the surface. He cries, gets agitated, and sometimes will bite his hand in frustration. His parents have learned to avoid the bridge on particularly cold days, when the ice is thick. He also collects smooth pebbles at the canal’s edge and takes them home, where he aligns them on his shelf in intricate patterns. Ernest enjoys playing on the computer but spends most of his time playing blackjack against it, which is remarkable given his age. His father says with some pride that if he played in a casino he would win a lot of money. Ernest is very active, even for a five-year-old. He is so active, in fact, that he is often up at night and insists on keeping his parents awake by coming into their room, pulling off the blankets, and indicating that he wants to watch videos. As a result, they are both thoroughly exhausted—Ernest’s father works frequent shifts at the local factory, and his mother has a younger child to look after. They’ve tried reprimanding him for this behavior, but that has had little effect, so now they have put an Etch A Sketch in his room, which he happily plays until at least 6:00 A.M., when it’s time to get up for school. 148

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