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spend time in


It seems 120 minutes a week in

nature is associated with benefits to

our health and wellbeing, according

to new research.

The authors of this new study,

published in Scientific Reports in 2019,

said theirs is the first large-scale research

to quantify how much time is needed to

feel the effects. The study used survey

data from more than 19,000 participants

in the United Kingdom, who were

quizzed about their contact with nature.

‘This applies to old and young, males

and females and the rich and the poor,’

said lead researcher Dr White from the

University of Exeter.

Nature, as defined by the study, did

not have to be pristine wilderness or

spectacular national parks - beaches, city

parks or farmland were all included as

natural environments.

So going for a surf or cycle might be

a great way to pair outdoor time with

getting active, but physical activity

wasn’t necessary to feel the benefits of

being in nature – just being out there

was enough.

Improving your mental health is a

rewarding experience and changes can

be made at any time. They help you

handle life’s challenges and recover

from setbacks, boosting your mood and

building your resilience.

It’s important to remember that

seeking help is a sign of strength, not a

weakness. Receiving appropriate care

from a professional can help encourage

us to do things we may not be able to do

on our own. cbm






Each year around one in

five Australians will experience

a mental illness

One in seven Australians

will experience depression

in their lifetime

About 4% of people will

experience a major depressive

episode in a 12-month period,

with 5% of women and 3% of

men affected

Approximately 14% of

Australians will be affected

by an anxiety disorder in any

12-month period

Women are more likely than

men to seek help for anxiety

disorders (18% compared with

11%) and mood disorders

(7.1% compared with 5.3%)

*Mindframe and Blackdog

statistics 59

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