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174 7 Annex CTI CTI –

174 7 Annex CTI CTI – Thermotechnical Italian Committee, Headquarters: via Pascoli, 41, I-20129 Milano Phone: 0039 02 236-7330 FAX: 0039 02 236-3927 Personnel Extension e-mail Prof. Giovanni Riva Dr. Elio Smedile Dr. Antonio Panvini FAL FAL – Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt für Agrarökologie und Landbau, Reckenholzstr. 191, CH- 8046 Zürich Phone: 0041 1 377 73 50 FAX: 0041 1 377 72 01 Personnel Extension e-mail Dr. Gérard Gaillard FAT FAT – Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft und Landtechnik (Swiss Federal Research Station for Agricultural Economics and Engineering), CH-8356 Tänikon Phone: 0041 52 368-3332 FAX: 0041 52 365-1190 Personnel Extension e-mail Lena Heinzer -3344 IFEU IFEU – Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research), Wilckensstraße 3, D-69120 Heidelberg Phone: 0049 6221 4767-0 FAX: 0049 6221 4767-19 Personnel Extension e-mail Dr. Guido Reinhardt Dr. Andreas Patyk Nicolai Jungk MSc -31 -38 -60 INRA INRA – Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, unité «Environnement et Grandes Cultures» F-78850 Thiverval-Grignon Phone: 0033 1 3081-5555 FAX: 0033 1 3081-5563 Personnel Extension e-mail Dr. Ghislain Gosse Dr. Bruno Leviel -5524 -5586 TUD TUD – Technical University of Denmark, Institute for Manufacturing Engineering, Department of Process and Production Engineering, Building 424, DK-2800 Lyngby Phone: 0045 4593 6100 FAX: 0045 4593 5556 Personnel Extension e-mail Dr. Bo Pedersen Weidema Anne Merete Nielsen Dr. Per H. Nielsen Dr. Nina Caspersen 0045-45254800

7.5 Data availability 175 7.5 Data availability The following documents can be found on a CD-ROM available from the IFEU-Institute, Heidelberg, Germany (see address below), or from the following Internet site: Data set Content life-cycle-charts.ppt flow charts of the life cycles under study external-annex.doc external annex to the final report: Goals of the study Functions of the product systems Functional unit Allocation procedures System expansion for protein fodder by-products Choice of reference-systems and technologies Characterisation of resource uses and environmental impacts Methodology for ‘Land Use’ Data collection guidelines Flow for the data collection Results ‘Land Use and Biodiversity’ Methodology for ‘Socio-economic and political analyses’ lca-1-triticale.xls life cycle assessment of triticale versus hard coal for power production lca-2-rme.xls life cycle assessment of RME versus diesel fuel for transportation lca-3-sme.xls life cycle assessment of SME versus diesel fuel for transportation lca-4-etbe.xls life cycle assessment of ETBE versus MTBE for transportation lca-5-misc.xls life cycle assessment of Miscanthus versus light oil and natural gas for district heat production lca-6-willow.xls life cycle assessment of willow versus light oil and natural gas for district heat production lca-7-wood.xls life cycle assessment of traditional fire wood versus light oil and natural gas for residential heat production lca-8-biogas.xls life cycle assessment of biogas versus natural gas for combined heat and power production lca-9-straw.xls life cycle assessment of wheat straw versus light oil and natural gas for district heat production all-chains.xls LCA results of all national and European chains If problems should arise with the downloading of these files please consult: Dr. A. Patyk IFEU-Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg) Wilckensstrasse 3, D - 69120 Heidelberg, Germany Tel: +49-6221-4767-38, Fax -19 E-Mail:

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