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Installing MagicWatch MagicWatch MWE 800

6.5 Fastening the display

When laying the display cable, ensure that:

They are not kinked or twisted,

They do not rub on edges,

They are not laid without protection in sharp edged ducts (see fig. 3,

page 4).

Note the following points when selecting a place to mount the display:

Install the display

– for example near the boot cover in cars.

This enables you to look behind you when driving in reverse and

observe the display at the same time (see fig. 18, page 8).

– for caravans or delivery vans for example, on the dashboard in the

visible area of the exterior rear view mirror.

The display must be easily visible when you are reversing.

The display must not be covered or damaged by any objects placed on

the boot cover.

Mount the display so that there is no danger of injury, if you have to

suddenly brake sharply.

When mounting the display, make sure that it is not in the path of an

expanding airbag. This could cause injury if the airbag opens.

Mount the display in the proper direction! This is the case, when the cable

is faced downwards.



Before making any drill holes, ensure that no electrical cables or

other parts of the vehicle can be damaged by drilling, sawing and


➤ Attach the display to the desired location with the supplied tape.

The plug's polarity cannot be reversed: It can be only be plugged

into the connection in one way.

➤ Insert the display plug into the socket of the control unit (fig. 10.1, page 6).

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