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Disposal MagicWatch MWE 800

12 Disposal

➤ Place the packaging material in the appropriate recycling waste bins

wherever possible.

If you wish to finally dispose of the MagicWatch, ask your local

recycling centre or specialist dealer for details about how to do this

in accordance with the applicable disposal regulations.

13 Technical data

Detection range: Up to 1.2 m

Ultrasound frequency: 40 kHz ± 2 kHz

Supply voltage: 10 – 24 V DC

Power consumption: 60 mA (standby mode)

270 mA (signal mode)

Operating temperature: –20 °C to +70 °C

Piezo speaker volume: 80 dB (at 10 cm distance)


It is possible to paint the sensors, but not with a multicoat paint,

as it impairs the functionality of the sensors.

Versions, technical modifications and delivery options reserved.


The device has E13 approval.


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