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imagine what that would mean in terms of recognizing the British have found out in their treatment of internees

the animal criminality of their lives up to this point, in Northern Ireland. Simple techniques, like depriving

Brainwashing began, as it will end, as a coun- people of food and sleep, forcing them to stand, hooded

terinsurgency operation. British psychological warfare so they can neither see, hear, nor smell are just as efexperts,

John Rees and Sargent, began to develop the fective. The trouble is this takes longer, because most

implications of Pavlov's conditioned reflex experiments human beings have a capacity to withstand simple

on dogs for human beings. Pavlov had found that under physical pain. It's the destruction of the social identity,

certain conditions of extreme stress he could induce a even the bourgeois monad-like identity, that is important

state which he called a "transparadox" in his dogs. In from their standpoint, and that crime is speeded up with

this state the dog's previous responses to stimuli were no the application of their technical gimmickry.

longer operative, and conditions were created for the We have already determined, up to a certain point,

induction of new responses. That means, he did to the who and what was responsible for this affair in Britain.

dogs what brainwashers now do to people. He put them Let's now take the U.S. end of the operation and,

in situations in which their normal "dogginess" was no starting from the people who run the CIA, namely the

longer enough to get them by. In this regard he makes Rockefeller family and their allies like Robert Macconstant

reference to the flooding of the river Neva in Namara,-continue down our trail towards those who are

Leningrad in the early 1920's. His dogs were so panicked responsible.

as flood-waters filled the laboratory cellar where they We already know that the CIA was planning to use the

were kept that all his years of experimental conditioning Labour Committees as a piece in a much wider game.

were literally washed away. We can not, by checking out the connections, from

That is what Rees and Sargeant took as their starting Rockefeller and the CIA in the brainwashing crime trail

point, and they began the educational programs first for establish what that broader game is. Rocky and his men

the OSS, then the CIA which would ensure that human were planning to institute a fascist-style economy using

applications of this barbarism were developed. The the techniques of behavior modification to secure their

brainwashing scandal at the time of the Korean war way. They were planning to bypass the need for a massprovided

the next bench-mark in the history of this filth, based fascist movement, and take over from the top.

American military specialists, counterinsurgents and How can we be sure? The answer is simple. We look at

quacks determined to find out how the Chinese were able the funding of brainwashing operations and examine the

to change the behavior of so many all-American boys. It politics of those who are doing it. I'll only establish the

was in the aftermath of that research that high-powered general outline here. New Solidarity will be publishing

gadgetry was added to the torture chamber techniques of regular organising exposes as the work proceeds.

the behavior modifiers. Neuro-surgery (brain-butchery) Philadelphia provides a good example of how the

and electro-shock techniques were refined, drugs with general operation works. The brainwashing outfit at

mind-destroying potential like LSD-25 began to be Penn State University under one Wolpe is financed by

developed. (Methedrine, interestingly enough, was Robert MacNamara's World Bank, the outfit which is

developed to speed up this process. It creates the con- bringing starvation and slave labor to millions across the

ditions in which people are willing to relive painful world, the outfit which planned Brazil. Funds are

experiences; that's known as abreaction therapy.) conduited via the National Institute for Mental Health

Then, of course, computer applications were and other foundation sources to Wolpe, whose gang

developed as von Neumann and Norbert Wiener began of torturers work in alliance with the Law Enforcethe

wild goose chase of simulating human intelligence, ment Assistance Administration and a foundation called

They were bound to fail because a computer can only "Safe Streets." The aim of the operation is literally this,

know what it is programmed to know. A machine cannot to decorticate the black and Hispanic ghettos by taking

create. But for minds which do not understand that the socially organic leaders and brainwashing them.

creativity is a human quality, accessible to all human In fact, it's already happened. Ghetto youth gangs,

beings, his rationalization had to be that the computers according to our intelligence, were established by CIAwere

not good enough. Now, as is evident from the job style operatives in the first place in the sixties. Then the

that was done on me, they obviously "think" they have usual pattern was followed. Conflict between gangs was

overcome that problem, fomented. Then "treaties" were arranged between the

In reality, all this array of technical gadgetry is un- gangs. Then conflict between gangs and friendly "oldnecessary

to their practice. The Chinese were able to style" cops on the beat was set up. The LEAA gives gang

achieve substantially the same results in the 1950's, as members weapons to help this process. Then treaties

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