The Campaigner

The Campaigner

oundary line at which the clinical diagnosis of "extreme

coercive influence" ends and the diagnosis of "brainwashing"

begins. Brainwashing, as we use the term here,

signifies a qualitative change in the mental processes of

an individual, as precise as the distinction between mere

neurosis and a hardened paranoid-schizophrenic


In the neurotic individual, or in the instance of the

person still fitting the diagnosis of "extreme coercive

influence," the individual's inner sense of self, his sense

Editorial: of "I-hess," controls his external or socially-manifest

behavior through a mechanism of adjustment and

disguise we term the "persona." In the specifically

brainwashed individual, the "sense of I-hess" has ef-


Rockefeller_,, speaking, lost seeing, control hearing, of thetouching, social use tasting, of the smelling, body;

/"984- r|_' Or41" as total well control as general of an bodily internalized movements authorityare entirely under virtually alien to

the sense of "I-hess." To the extent that the "brainwashed"

individual is aware of "I-hess," his Ego is an

immobilized prisoner within the living tomb of its own

body, the body controlled almost entirely by an alien


by Marcus L • White was example, able tountil release brainwash himself victim from such Christopher control, R. he

had lost the ability to distinguish colors, to smell, and,

Hard evidence of CIA brainwashing and conspiracy to according to several simple tests conducted, had suffered

effect assassination, and equally firm evidence of a substantial impairment of use of his other perceptual

massive effort to prevent investigation of these facts, has powers. Immediately after remission from the brainenabled

the Labor Committees to detect the main washed condition, all these lost perceptual powers

features of an enormous Rockefeller-directed CIA plot to immediately returned to him.

impose 1984-style totalitarian government in the U.S.A. In the case of the individual subjected to extreme

and Great Britain during early 1974. coercive influence, but not yet clinically "brainwashed,"

We shall define what we mean by the term "brain- there is a crude symptomatic resemblance to brainwashing,"

and then present an account of the essential washing in the anxiety with which the individual adapts

evidence as we have developed it. his behavior to the actuality or tear of "aversive" conditions.

These adaptations may have even become

habitual through "conditioning;" but the adaptation

1. WHAT IS "BRAINWASHING"? still falls into the category of "protective coloration," a

form of attempted defense of the sense of "I-hess." In

"Brainwashing," as we define it here, is an in- the brainwashed individual, the Ego has become

ternationalcrime under the Nuremburg Law. This crime essentially dissociated from the criteria controlling

is today widely practiced in the U.S.A. in particular, not socially manifest activities of the body, etc.

only by the intelligence services themselves, but with the Although hypnotism was probably employed as part of

complicity of agencies ranging from the World Bank the conditioning of the cases we identify here, the writer

through the National Institute of Health, and including has no direct knowledge of hypnosis. Insothr as hypnosis

major universities and medical institutions. Fur- may be involved, the writer has accepted the account

thermore, evidence of this crime is no secret; much of the given by professional literature and more directly by

evidence needed to identify and convict these new psychiatric specialists who examined victim White. The

Nuremburg criminals is openly available in material principal features of the cases to be considered are the

published in the public domain! results of what is known as "programmed behavioral

For purposes of general definition, there is a virtual modification," of which the White case typifies the most

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