The Campaigner

The Campaigner

D'Annuncio!]...Asfaras the ship transportation is D'Aragona [untiringly, presents a motion for

concerned, I can assure you that we are totally at the control over the factories]: ... We maintain that

service of the proletariat, not just Italian, but inter- with this extension, the agitation is still of a union

national.., nature and must be led therefore by the

Schiavello: ...we must immediately extend the


movement... [Speaking realistically] Look, we are Gennari [intent on making the PSI look good at the

all of us slaves to a de facto situation created by our CGL's expense, plays up the conflict between the

own propaganda. So going to tell the workers, two bodies]: ... it has been impossible to present a

"Look, we're not well enough prepared" would joint party-union motion... The Party leadership

doubtless be a bad action .... maintains that the union phase is over .... The

struggle.., must be entrusted to the party leader-

Colombino [furious at the turn the debate has ship with the total approval of the Confederation.

taken, lets loose a bloody take of terror to squelch Each of us is convinced that we are in a de facto

the enthusiasm]: ...If the revolution were as easy revolutionary period. If we don't have the guts to

as we've heard it proposed by a number of speakers, face all responsibilities, our comrades will move far

the revolution would be too easy a thing and it away from us and the leadership of the movement

would no longer be a revolution .... Tomorrow we will probably be taken over by our cousins on the

will find ourselves faced with a decision that may left or others....Either we lead this movement or

unleash civil war in this country .... Let's speak we are crushed ....

frankly. All these events are due to the propaganda

made .... The workers in general especially those Modigliani [PSI deputy and member of the PSI

who follow the party, are of the opinion that the parliamentary group directory, makes an eleventhfactories

must remain in their hands. After so many hour appeal to party-union unity]: 1're come here

years of telling them to take over the factories, we to make a desperate attempt, but I wouldn't be able

would be ingenuous to think differently .... There's to go to sleep tonight if1 didn't try. There's someanother

problem.., the working masses may take thing of immense gravity about to happen. There's a

over and decide to occupy the remaining plants. 1 conflict opening up between the economic and the

see a lot of enthusiasm for that here. That would be political organizations .... Our duty is to arrive at a

possible only on condition that we took power, j-orm of reconciliation ....

Power can be taken in two ways. There's who is

thinking of arming the workers and throwing them [Modigliani continues with an interminable "Dear

out into the streets to face the bourgeois army; and Friends" speech aimed at pushing the issue of partythere's

who thinks power can be taken by sacr(/qcing union unity into the forefront so as to obscure the quesafew

men of the party. I, who have seen what revolu- tion of revolution. D'Aragona begs the NC to make a

tions are like, tell you that revolutions are operettas, decision,]

In other countries they occurred because they were

ready. I ask you to consider if it is really possible in • • •

cold blood to plunge our country into civil war to

win abns that are perhaps contrary to our ideas. Se,_sicn of Sel_t. 11, 1920

[Colombino is not above outright anti-communism,

either] ... In Russia the workers are suffering... In [The CGL and PSI leaders have met. Gennari restates

Russia the workers were hungry and wanted money the PSI's position.]

and despite orders to the contrary, they began to

sell .... if we let these .foolish workers have their D'Aragona [he has decided to exploit mother's fears

way, they'd even sell the machines and ruin our to the utmost; first he plays on sympathy]: l"m

industry, sorry my physical condition does not allow me to i

have the necessary strength to sustain the CGL's

[Subsequent interventions betray less enthusiasm, more motion and the reasons for it .... The party leadercynicism

and fear. A two-hour break is called, during ship believes the time is ripe for.., a revolutionary

which time the CGL and PSI meet separately. The actj'or the conquest of political power.., we do not

assembly then reconvenes.] believe the time is ripe .... [He now plays on the


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