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Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing. Sargant ' aversionists go so far as to shock even a Seven-year-old

describes Pavlov's experimental findings about the retarded child every time he put his hand in his mouth,

breaking down of dogs -- commenting that "it has been as well as a set of five-year-old schizophrenic twins to

proved to be just the same in man."[38] He writes: extirpate their "self-stimulation and tantrums."[45]

...Very strong dogs, who could not be broken down by Donald M. Baer, a professor of human development and

the conflict situations and excitement artificially created psychology at the University of Kanses, explains:

for them, might only break'after they bad later been' "Punishment works..The technique is simple, and so is

physically debilitated, ' or had had their 'metabolism the technology. Anyone with a hand to swing is equipped

altered in other ways and then had the s_me disturbing

stimuli reapplied.'...There_was a final stress'which with a punishing device. Mail-order catalogs list a

could disrupt all the animal's previous conditioning, number of inexpensive and reliable cattle prods that

breakup implanted patterns of behavior, and so allow deliver punishing but undamaging electric shocks."[46]

new ones more ea'sily to be pUt in their place. This was a Does the "treatment" work? It works in the same way

state of great excitement and fear, carried even beyond

the point of ultraparadoxical brain activity, which finally as having a gun held to your head would cause you to

resulted in the total "transmarginal" collapse and modify your behavior. But aversion therapy in the form

temporary total inhibition of much brain activity .... (39) described can only produce psychosis. How then can

It is this collapsed state that aversion therapists like such "Pavlovian" methods lead to a programmed state?

Dr. Joseph Wolpe of Philadelphia's Temple University, The aversionist examples given thus far are really only

or the notorious racist, Dr. H.J. Eysenck of the the first step in the three stages which OSS operative

University of London, seek to replicate in those they call Kurt Lewin outlined as follows: "unfreezing (disturbing

deviants: "alcoholics, drug addicts, homosexuals, fetish- a person's equilibrium and making it unstable),

ists, criminals, et al." This is how Pavlov's experimental changing (providing models for direction of change), and

findings are clinically carried out: refreezing (reintegrating the new equilibrium into the

If the "deviant" is an alcoholic: personality)."[47] In cases of Chinese "brainwashing" of

Case Number One: The subject is placed on a stretcher prisoners of war in North Korea, for example, the basic

and connected to a respirator and a polygraph .... A 20 "aversive stimuli" were extreme physiological deprirag.

dose of Scoline is gradually injected. As soon as vation, stresses -- i.e. isolation, solitary confinement,

there is evidence of respiratory failure, the physician sleep deprivation, pain, and semi-starvation. But it was

holds the bottle of alcohol to the lips of the subject and not these factors by themselves which resulted in

deposits a few drops into his mouth .... (40)

"conversion;" rather, it was their ability to enhance ,

Case Number Two: The subject is given either emetime, neurosis, which in turn increased suggestibility. It is at

apomorphine, or Prolexin. As a strong wave of nausea this point that a "changing agent" is introduced and

developed, and before actual vomiting began, the patient "refrozen" or "programmed" into a pseudo-identity or a

was given 11/2 ounces of whisky and told to swallow it

directly or briefly'smell of it first and then swallow it. (41) persona.

This sketchy outline of the brainwashing process, and

And for homosexuals: the role of the aversive stimulus -- be it physiological or

Case Number Three: A mental patient'convicted on a psychological can be best understood within the

sexual offense is shown movies of explicit sexual content.

If he begins to display evidence of sexual arousal, his context of the material to be presented in the next

genital is shocked. '(This program is entitled "'Errorless section.

Extinction of Penile Responses'" at the California State 3. The "Attack Therapies"

Hospital for the Criminally Insane. _---C.M.)(42) The so-called "humanistic therapies sensitivity

Case Number Four: M. Raymound (therapist -- C.M.) training sessions, transactional analysis, Primal

treated a 33-year-old man who was given treatment on

probation after having been convicted of causing damage Therapy, etc. are at the very core of coercive

to a perambulator. (He was sexually attracted by prams psychology. It is such anti-Freudian introspective

and handbags.) He received an injection of apomorphine psychologies that have provided the brainwasher with the

and just before nausea was shown handbags and "psychodynamic insights" of neurosis, and the knowprams

.... The treatment was given every two hours, day

how to further pervert this neurosis into a controlling -- ,

and night, no food was allowed, and at night amphetamine

was used to keep him awake (for one even programming force. These so-called

week).(43) "humanists" are the real experts in exploiting and

Aversion or punishment therapy is quoted by many channeling the sickness of bourgeois ideology ........ :

behaviorists as being "one of the fastest, most effective The anti-behaviorists mainly Freudians and

techniques available for helping people to rid themselves Gestaltists -- who were a dominant force through the

of troublesome behaviors."[44] To show "proof" of this, early 1930's trickled down to a mere handful by the

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