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elaborate and sophisticated example from the standpoint several of these identities as the terminal phase of his

of the professional literature in the public domain, assigned sequence of behavior in programmed state.

For purposes of discussion we classify the victim's 3. Organic: In this case, which may combine

condition according to the resulting state in which he functional brainwashing, the victim is controlled in

would be clinically encountered as a "product of whole or part through continued drugging, psychobrainwashing."

If we include "extreme coercive in- surgical alteration and/or brain implants.

fluence" as a relevant category as virtual "pre- The current and probable uses of these various types

brainwashing," we have the following general categories of coercive conditioning and brainwashing should be

of crimes perpetrated upon the victims: briefly considered as relevant to understanding the cases

experienced by the Labor Committees.

1. Pre-Brainwashees: significant "behavioral" or The "Skinnerian" method is being employed in

"attitudinal" alterations induced by "environ- several manufacturing firms and other locations.

mental," psychoneuropharmacological, psycho- However, it is so destructive of mental abilities that it will

surgical "conditioning." probably be used only for ghetto victims and other

2. Functional Brainwashing: Functional alteration unskilled-labor-slaves at the terminal end of the laborof

the victim's mental processes, accomplished with recycling process. Not accidentally, we most frekquently

or without the aid of convulsive electroshock, etc., encounter Skinnerian types of mind destruction in the

in the course of conditioning. Imamu Baraka school and similar programs of

These are of two main clinical types with respect to

mental state at the time of examination. The "normal"

"educational reform" aimed at ghetto youth.

The Pavlovian method, applied to produce a single

form is the programmed individual actively in the disso- pseudo-identity for the persona, is the most effective

(from the standpoint of the CIA cabal) for semi-skilled

ciated state for which he has been conditioned. The

second, more difficult, case for examination is the indi- labor, radical youth leaders, etc. The destruction of the

mental powers is less acute than with the use of Skin°

vidual, who is "waiting" for the proper signal to be

"activated" into the "programmed state" (roughly nerian techniques.

analogous to the individual carrying a compulsion to act The most costly variety of Pavlovian brainwashing, the

upon a "post-hypnotic suggestion"), case of programmed sequences of multiple psuedo-

Functional brainwashing cases fall into two broad identities, is useful only for special "military" aptypes

according to the effects of the methods of condi- plications in which the victim is to be considered extioning

employed, pendable. Keeping a victim in a programmed state of

this sort must certainly lead to permanent psychosis.

(a) "S kinnerian ": This is the crudest variety of The "organic methods" are most effective for

brainwashing or aversive conditioning, in which the totalitarian political uses on large populations.

victimized individual is reduced to some degree of Poisoning of water supplies with the psychopharmaautism

(de-personalization), habituated to respond cological drug, lithium, compulsory dosages of the toxic

idiotically according to induced habits of response psycho-drugs of the phenothiazine type, introduction of

according to similarity of functional environment as large-scale compulsory methadone are all effective

the dominant stimulus, and cheap methods of reducing large populations to

This crude cognition-damaging form of brain- zombie status, and provide a condition in which the

washing is suited to factory slaves doing unskilled subject is more readily functionally brainwashed.

repetitive labor. '"Psychosurgery" or brain butchery was advocated by

some leading surgeons for mass-administration to ghetto

(b) "Pavlovian": This is true "brainwashing," in

blacks after the "Detroit riots," and is being rather

which control of individual behavior is made subject widely used as a method of destroying the minds of

to a specific kind of external social authority, and in "potentially dangerous" political leaders. In general,

which the individual's dissociated "persona" is this and other methods of brainwashing are being most

given one or more surrogate social identities in

widely applied to detected actual or potential leaders

addition to the specific task/response conditioning, among young blacks in various cities of the nation. One

The White case exemplifies the most sophisticated of the objectives of CIA organization of ghetto youth

variety of"Pavlovian" conditioning; he was conditioned gangs has been to apply a method (_popularized for the U. S.

both to carry eight distinct alternative persona pseudo- Navy by "Nazi Doctor" Nathan S. Kline) to force out the

identities and to operate in an "infinite" loop among determination of potential leaders in the black ghetto,

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