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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Loughborough, I see by looking over this company that I have testimonies for some of the persons present. When you are ready, I will come in and speak." Since this was just the time we needed help, she came in. Aside from Elder Byington and me, she knew the names of only three persons in the room. The others were strangers except as they had been presented to her in vision. As she arose to speak, she said, "You will have to excuse me in relating what I have to say if I describe your persons, as I do not know your names. As I see your faces, there comes before me what the Lord has shown me concerning you. That man in the corner with one eye (someone spoke, "His name is Pratt.") makes high professions, and great pretensions of religion, but he has never been converted. Do not take him into the church in his present condition for he is not a Christian. He spends much of his time idling about the shops and stores arguing the theory of the truth, while his wife at home has to cut the firewood, look after the garden, etc. He makes promises in his bargains that he does not fulfill. His neighbors have no 138

confidence in him. It would be better for the cause of religion for him to say nothing about it." She continued, "This aged brother (as she pointed to him some one said, "Brother Barr") was shown to me in direct contrast with the other man. He is very exemplary in his life, careful to keep his promises, and provides well for his family. He hardly ventures to speak of the truth to his neighbors for fear he will mar the work and do harm. He does not know how the Lord can be so merciful as to forgive his sins, and thinks himself unfit to belong to the church." She then said, "Brother Barr, the Lord bade me tell you that you have confessed all the sins you know of, and that He forgave your sins long ago, if you will only believe it." Brother Barr looked up with a smile, "Has He?" "Yes," responded Mrs. White, "and I was told to say to you, Come along and unite with the church and, as you have opportunity, speak a word in favor of the truth. It will have good effect for 139

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