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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough


persons in Wisconsin who were keeping the Sabbath and reading the Review, and it was our purpose to call upon them all. On the next Sabbath we visited Brother and Sister Brown in Beloit, and the following Sabbath met with the few believers in Madison at the home of Brother Turner. Though the number was small we held meetings and had an interesting time. About all the reading matter we had for our people at that time was the eight-page Review every two weeks, the monthly Youth's Instructor, a few pamphlets and Mrs. White's Experience & Views. After visits with other isolated believers, we came to Koshkonong where there was a company of twenty, the largest number of any one place in the state. We had the name of the most prominent one among them, and as we neared the settlement we inquired for him. Finally we saw a man in a cornfield near the road. Elder Cornell said, "I am going to ask that man the question asked in the Apocrypha of the Old Testament." First he inquired for the home of Milton 80

Southwick. The man said, "He lives in the second house from here." Elder Cornell then asked, "Has righteousness that maketh a man righteous been through this land?" "Yes!" the man replied. "There are a few of us here who are trying to keep all the Commandments of God. Are you not the brethren from the East of whom we read in the Review who are coming to Wisconsin?" The man was Elder Phelps, leader of their company. Here we spent several days speaking to them and neighbors who ventured in. On learning we would come back that way on our trip to Illinois, they promised to seat a grove for a meeting on our return. We were especially anxious to meet J. H. Waggoner, former editor of a county paper, who had accepted the truth and begun to preach. He had been active among the Baptists. He lived at Packwaukee, a day's journey farther north. When we reached there we learned he was holding a 81

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