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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

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Chapter 14 Called to England As early as the spring of 1874, Elder James White began to talk to me about going to England. I hardly knew why he should ask me until I had been in California five years and Elder Cornell explained, "I heard Sister White say in one of her talks, 'If Elder Loughborough is faithful, his labors will yet be called for in England.' " While I was staying with Elder White in the old "water cure" building on Lafayette Road, one Sabbath afternoon we walked up a mountain where we might have a prayer season. There among the chamise brush we both received clear impressions of duty. My wife's health indicated she was not long for this world. I owned a home in Santa Rosa, but she could not live there because of the occasional fogs. The Lord granted both Elder White and me a rich sense of His presence and light as to duty, that he should solicit money at the eastern camp- meetings for the Signs of the Times, 223

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