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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Sunday, June 14, was a

Sunday, June 14, was a delightful day for a baptism at the water's edge of beautiful Lake Merritt. Upon a bluff 30 feet above the shore were gathered from 1,500 to 2,000 people, while many little boats rode upon the water. Before the baptism, Elder White gave a short, earnest and convincing sermon upon the law and baptism. All listened with the greatest respect, after which 23 were baptized. How well I remember the day in Oakland when we met in Elder Canright's room, and Signs, Vol. 1, Number 1 was brought in sheets from the press and laid upon the floor. Elder and Mrs. White, Elder and Mrs. Canright, and myself bowed in prayer and asked God's blessing upon the "new paper." It was with trembling, anxiety, and yet with faith in God that Elder White moved out in this enterprise. Time has shown that it was just what was needed. Great is the good already accomplished by this instrumentality. Although we wanted to present the message in 210

San Jose, we had not seen the way clear. But now the temperance people asked for one of our tents to hold meetings there, gave us $100, and paid all expenses for moving and erecting it. When their meetings closed June 27, we secured the use of the same ground, and on July 2 opened with a message by Elder Canright. He and Elder Cornell continued there, and over 30 were baptized. As the summer heat at Woodland was too great for my wife's feeble condition, we sold our house at Santa Rosa and moved to St. Helena. On Sept. 24, we pitched our two sixty-foot tents side by side with a connecting canvas, on the Yountville campground. We were favored in having Elder George I. Butler, a member of the General Conference committee, with us for the first time. Since my wife was anxious to enjoy the meetings and felt it might be her last opportunity, we arranged a tent for her and her sister just behind the meeting tent. Here she could lie upon her bed and still hear the preaching. On Oct. 11, we told the people that the General 211

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