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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

she had never met, yet

she had never met, yet she believed she would see him sometime since his case had been unfolded to her. Not one of our company, however, supposed it to be anyone we knew. About six weeks later, the aforementioned brother returned from Michigan. As soon as Sister White saw him, she said, "This is the man I saw in vision of which I told you." Sister White related to this man in the presence of his wife and several other persons what she was shown, then said, "As Nathan said to David, Thou art the man." After listening to Mrs. White's rehearsal of his wrong doing, he dropped upon his knees before his wife and with tears said, "God is with you of a truth." Then he made a full confession of how he had been trapped into violation of the seventh commandment at Paw Paw, Michigan, over 500 miles from Rochester. He said this was the first offense of that kind in his life and it would be his last. For three and one-half years I had preached for 52

the First-day Adventists, but supported myself principally by my own labor. When I accepted the truth I had about $35 in hand. I still made earnest efforts to push the window-lock business in which I had been successful. Now as I went from place to place with the business, the conviction constantly pressed upon me to make known to others the truths I had learned. With all the efforts I put forth, my business would not prosper. Sometimes my sales for a week would only pay my fare and hotel bill. This state of things soon consumed what money I had saved, leaving me without money to pay my fare out of Rochester. Finally, about mid- December, my money was reduced to a silver three-cent piece. A cloud seemed to hang over the next Sabbath meeting I attended. As prayer was offered for the removal of the cloud, Sister White was taken off in vision. On relating the vision she had a message for me: "The reason this cloud hangs over the meeting is that Brother Loughborough is resisting the conviction of duty. God wants him to give himself wholly to the preaching of the message." 53

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