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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

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our church and preparing for its dedication on April 4. The sermon was given by Elder White, and in the afternoon his wife spoke with great freedom to a full audience. The few believers at Walla Walla, Washington had pled with the General Conference for a worker. At the Yountville camp-meeting our people voted to pay the expense of a minister to Walla Walla if they would permit him to labor two or three months in California on his way. In response, Elder I. D. VanHorn and his wife came to Colorado to accompany the Whites to California. On Jan. 2, 1874, Elder VanHorn went with me to Napa where we held meetings over the weekend, then on to St. Helena and Woodland. Here I received word of deep interest in Canright's meetings at Watsonville, but that difficulty with his throat demanded he have rest and help. He wished me to come to help him immediately. I was in Watsonville Jan. 22 to Feb. 2, when I received a telegram calling me to return at once to Woodland as my wife's lung trouble was worse. As Elder Canright had recovered enough to continue, I left 206

immediately for home. At Watsonville I met Brother Healey and his sister who had embraced the truth in Minnesota, and had just come to California. Elder VanHorn took the steamer for Portland, Oregon, en route to Walla Walla, arriving there April 23, 1874. He pitched his new sixty-foot tent in the southeastern part of town on land owned by Charlie Cabot. Although Cabot was a Catholic, he donated the lot upon which the tent had been pitched for the erection of a church. He did all he could to advance the cause, accepted the message, and willed to the church $60,000. Within sight of the tent stood a fort and a garrison of soldiers, among whom was Alonzo T. Jones, an Ohio boy. While the other soldiers spent their free time playing cards and other useless habits, Jones studied history books. As the tent was being erected, Jones and others became curious and stopped by. "What is this? -a show?" they asked. "Yes," replied Elder VanHorn. "Come in and I will tell you what we are going to show." He 207

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