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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Sullivan Heath, an

Sullivan Heath, an experienced Adventist minister, and spend the winter in Erie County, Pa. So, fitted out with his horse and carriage and a supply of books, we held meetings in Erie, Girard, Washington, and other towns with good results. Friends in Pennsylvania presented me with a horse and light wagon. With this rig I returned in April, and spent the summer in New York. During 1850, I was afflicted with a slight lung hemorrhage. Since I was advised to use tobacco as a remedy, I began to smoke cigars. But in September, 1852, I left off the injurious habit. One day as I lighted a cigar, the filthiness of the tobacco habit passed before me like a panorama in contrast with the character of those who are to dwell in the New Jerusalem. I heard as distinctly as if a voice had spoken, "Suppose the Lord should come and find you with that cigar in your mouth. Would you be permitted into that clean place?" I said to myself, "No! Lord, by thy grace I abandon tobacco forever!" I threw the partly-smoked cigar into the Genesse River, and from that day to this never let a particle of the foul stuff pass my lips. The desire 40

for it completely left me. In the summer of 1852, I did some house painting in Rochester. When this was over, I found a wife and had to support her. Soon I entered the wholesale and retail trade of Arnold's patent sash locks. It was remunerative labor, and I still filled my Sunday appointments. In the meantime I was studying the subject of the sanctuary and the twohorned beast of Rev.13. I could find no proof to sustain the First-day Adventist position that the earth was the sanctuary, but I did not discover what the real sanctuary was. While studying Rev.13, I read in Litch's exposition of the two-horned beast, "I think it is a power yet to be developed as an accomplice of the Papacy in subjecting the world." I then searched for claims for Sunday-keeping. I decided there was no divine authority for keeping the day holy, so had no misgivings about working on that day. However, I still had the idea that the law as a whole was abolished. Meanwhile some of the leaders among the first-day Adventists dealt dishonestly with me, and partially destroyed my 41

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