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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

to me, "She is

to me, "She is absolutely right!!" When someone announced, "Brother Brigham is coming," Mrs. White looked up and said, "I saw them also in connection with this case, but none in that load have any confidence in the woman." When the next load drove up she said, "That load is divided on the woman's case. Those on the front seat have no confidence, but those in the back think she is all right." A third load came up and she said of them, "They are all under the woman's influence." Then she added. "There is one man who is opposed to this woman whom I have not yet seen. He has sandy hair and a sandy beard, and there's something peculiar about his eyes." Just then someone remarked, "Brother Pearsall is coming." "Oh," she said, "that is the man who has spectacles on." There was indeed something peculiar about his eyes. As I was talking with him, I commented about his wearing glasses when he was so young. He explained that his eyes were not 70

mates; one was nearsighted and the other farsighted, so he had special glasses made for him. Elder Cornell and I were where we could whisper occasionally unobserved, and he told me he was acquainted with all these people and the positions they took, and that Mrs. White had declared their positions exactly. We had no meeting that night. The next morning we went another three miles to the place of meeting. The brethren had made ample provision by seating a large barn, but they had made no stand for the speakers, so we took a new wagon box and turned it upside down to serve as a rostrum. A common light stand was placed on one end of the box, and chairs were used for seats. Sister White sat in a rocking chair at the left end of the rostrum, and I sat next to her with Elder Cornell on my right. Elder White stood preaching at the far end. After he had been speaking about ten minutes, a tall, slim, dark-complexioned woman entered and sat next to the door, followed by an old gentleman and a young man who sat down on the front seat within touch of the stand. I noticed that Mrs. White 71

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