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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

let the audience, as

let the audience, as they pass out, put into the hat of either party their contribution of how they view the case." Our tent-master reported that the professor's hat contained about $2.50, while in Elder Cornell's hat was nearly $30. Our camp-meeting at Yountville opened Sept. 17. Besides our sixty-foot tent there were 53 other tents. Our grounds were laid out in city style with Present Truth Street, Law and Order Street, Santa Rosa Street, Healdsburg Street, Petaluma Avenue, etc. (The Yolo Democrat reported, "The most perfect order and harmony prevailed throughout. We never before saw such a large crowd of happy and devoted people. There was no excitement, but a great degree of earnest zeal was manifested throughout the meetings." Sept. 26, 1873). During one social meeting 117 testimonies were given in 53 minutes. All right to the point. The Yountville camp-meeting exerted a powerful influence in giving stability to the work in California. It was here that M. J. Church of Fresno accepted the message and opened the way 204

for its introduction into that part of the country. In one of the meetings he arose and said, "I am constructing an irrigation canal from King's River. I have forty men in my employ, but from this time on that work shall all stop on the Lord's Sabbath." After camp meeting we moved to Woodland thinking a dryer climate would be better for my wife who was then afflicted with tuberculosis. In 1873, Sister Willis of Santa Rosa had moved to Oakland and was anxious for something to be done there. Brother Cronkite moved his shoe-shop to Oakland, and Brother Tay and family accepted the truth. These persons all requested meetings for Oakland, so I held the first meeting there Oct. 25, 26 in a hall at 1055 Broadway. On Nov. 12, Sister L. M. Hall, with two of the Walling girls from Colorado, who were to live in Elder White's family, came to Santa Rosa and occupied my house. On Dec. 28, Elder and Mrs. White arrived from Colorado, and during that winter labored among the different companies in California. At Napa we were rapidly completing 205

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