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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB

II Before doing the quiz

II Before doing the quiz below, say whether you are: a) very competitive b) fairly competitive c) not at all competitive. III Answer the questions in the quiz. Then turn to page 140 to find out your score. Compare your score with a partner. How competitive are you? Which of the following statements do you agree with? aJ Winning is everything. bl It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part. cJ We are in this world to help each other. 2 Which of the following would satisfy you? al Earning more than anyone else you know. bJ Earning more than most of your friends. cl Earning enough to have a comfortable life. 3 You have just won €50,OOO and need to buy a new car. Do you: aJ spend €12.000 on a reliable car that will get you from A to S? bJ spend €26.000 on a middlerange car? cJ spend the entire €50,OOO on a flashy, top-of-the-range car that will impress all your friends? 4 If a colteague did something very successful, wouLd you feel: aJ pleased for them? bJ pleased for them, but a bit jealous? cJ very jealous and unhappy? 5 If you Lose at something. do you: aJ forget about it immediately? bJ think about it for a while? cJ never forget? 6 How do you feel when you win? Do you, aJ boast about it and tett everyone? bJ feel good. but keep it to yourself? cJ feel sorry for the person who tost? 7 What do you want for your children? Do you want them: aJ to be happy? bJ to achieve more than you did? cJ to be the best at everything? 8 You are at the traffic lights next to another car. The lights change to go'. Do you, let the other car go first? bJ move away slowLy, without being aware of the other car? cJ try to be the first away? aJ 9 You are waiting to check in at a crowded airline counter. There does not seem to be a system of queuing. Woutd you, aJ push your way to the front? bJ insist loudly that a fair system is adopted? cJ keep quiet and wait? 10 How do you feel about doing this quiz? Do you want to: aJ show you are the most competitive person in the group? bJ show you are the Least competitive person in the group? cJ find out something about yourseLf? 112 scanned for Paul Jennings

UNIT 12 •• COMPETITION rJ There are many idioms from sport used in business, particularly when talking about competition_ Complete the idioms below with the nouns in the box. Which sports do you think they come from? I player ropes game IieltI ball seat horse goalposts race neck I 1 a level playing fie ld 6 move the . ... ....... . 2 in the driving ........... 7 keep your eye on the 3 to be neck and 8 ahead of the . . . . . .. ..... 4 flogging a dead . 9 a one-horse .... . .. . ... 5 a major .. 10 on the ..... [J Which of the idioms in Exercise A refer to: a) a situation of fair competition? f) staying focused? b) being in fronl of the competition? g) a change in the rules? c) being at the same level as the h) competition? d) being the only competitor? i) being in control? being in a very bad situation? e) wasting your time on a hopeless j} an important company or person with situation? a lot of power or influence? B Complete the extracts with the most suitable idioms from Exercise A. Remember to change the verb form where necessary. 1 It's not a level P!yi(\9 .. fie.l.d. any more. As a small. family-owned company. it's very difficult for us to compete with the big multinationals in terms of price. 2 They are so far ahead of their competitors in terms of new products that it has become ........... ........... ........... ............ It will be years before their rivals catch up with them. 3 There's no pOint continuing with the project. It'll never work. We're ............ ........... . . ... ... ...... . We need to look elsewhere if we're to fight off the competition. 4 With our market dominance in Asia, we're in an extremely powerful position. We are really ............ ........ . ... . .. . . . . . 5 We have exactly the same market share as our nearest rival. According to independent research, we're also ............ ............ in terms of sales so far this year as well. 6 Although the market has expanded, there are still really only two They will fight it out for market dominance. m Discuss the questions. 1 Have you ever felt you were {logging a dead horse a) at work? b) in your private life? 2 Which companies are ahead of the game in your industry or the industry you would like to work in? 3 Can you give an example of a situation when a) someone moved the goalposts? b) you were in the driving seat? See the DVD-ROM 4 for the i-Glossary. V How did you feel? 4 Name some major players in the following industries: automotive, telecoms, computing, electronics, an industry you know well scanned for Paul Jennings 113

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