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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB


ACTIVITY FILE 8 Human resources, Skills, Exercise C, page 79 Employment agency consultant You will receive a call from the Human Resources Manager of Dolphin Department Store. The manager will ask you some questions. Here are the details: • An introductory fee is charged: 25% of worker'S first pay cheque. • The hourly wage for temporary workers is €12. • There is a minimum charge of four hours per day for all temporary workers. • Overtime: company pays time and a half; Saturday/Sunday rates: double the hourly rate. • Agency is responsible for work permits. • Travel expenses of workers paid for by the client. • The agency bills clients each week for the total hours worked by temporary staff. 9 International markets, Case study, page 89 Information file: West Coast Apparel Models Quality Quantity Prices Payment Discounts Delivery Guarantee You are interested in ordering all three models - at the right price. You will emphasise in your marketing that all the models in the collection have been made in Argentina - a guarantee of their quality. You do not want any of the manufacture of the models to be outsourced. You want to place the following first order: Model (Iubman 500 Quantity Nightrider 1,000 Look 800 You are sure that the Nightrider and the Look will sell well. However, you are not certain that you can sell large quantities of the (Iubman. Americans are very price-conscious at the present, due to the current economic situation. Pampas Leather have quoted these unit prices: Clubman $380 Nightrider $280 Look $150 Note: prices include all delivery costs to your specified US port. By bank transfer. You would like to pay 50% of the order immediately and the remaining 50% one month after receiving the goods. As you are such a large company and have placed a substantial order, you expect an introductory discount of at least 5%. Prompt delivery within five days of the agreed date. Three years for all the models except the Clubman. You would like a guarantee of five years for this model. 142 scanned for Paul Jennings

ACTIVITY FILE 11 leadership, Case study, page 111 Director 2 In your opinion, the company should do the following: o o o o Buy smaller specialist companies and build them up, e.g. firms making golf bags and balls. There will be less competition in selling these products. Reduce the company's endorsements of top sportspeople. Instead, it should pay well· known sportsmen and women to advise the company on new products. This will lead to more product innovation. Focus more on developing products with revolutionary designs and higher prices. This will help to improve profit margins. Keep the present style of management and introduce a cost·cutting programme, with the aim of reducing costs by 20% in the next year to help profitability. Prepare your presentation. You may add any other ideas of your own for improving the company's performance. 12 Competition, Case study, page 119 Supplier1 You represent Rashid Singh Enterprises. These are the terms you can offer. o o o o Delivery: by sea; 1,000 necklaces and bracelets immediately on receipt of an order, remaining 4,000 by 15 November; earrings: 3,000 by 30 November - products not available from stock, as important customers have already placed orders. Trade discount of 2% off list prices Returned goods: unsold goods may be returned within one month and the amount credited to the customer's account. Guarantee: one year (bracelets, earrings), but two years for necklaces 1 Brands, Skills, Exercise 0, page 11 Student C In your opinion, the Cecile line has a lot of sales potential. You think the products and brand name are excellent. However, you believe the products are not promoted in the right way and not sold in places which reflect the high status of the jewellery. You want: o o o o o to pay a famous film star to endorse the jewellery and wear it as often as possible. to spend a lot of money on a creative television commercial to advertise the jewellery. to sell the jewellery only in a limited number of high·c1ass jewellery and department stores and at airports. to have a new slogan which reflects the upmarket status of the jewellery. a top designer to create a new range of jewellery which can be sold under the Cecile brand. You think the present range is too limited. 4 Organisation, Skills, Exercise F, page 41 Student 0 This is your first time at this conference. You don't know anyone. 1 Decide on the following: • company name o department you work for o activity / area of business • recent activities 2 Introduce yourself (and your company) to people at the conference. You enjoy talking about your company. You are looking for new business contacts. scanned for Paul Jennings 143

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