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116 The Principles of

116 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Application: Logo and Content By the end of Chapter 2, the Knoxville Reflexology Group redesign project was making great progress. It had wireframes approved, and I had learned through the use of my mood boards what colors Carrie might like to see in the final design. Before the actual site design could begin, though, I had to nail down the KRG branding. The hand-drawn sketch of the logo was streamlined. A vector version of the original logo wasn't available, so I had to recreate it using vector graphics software. Even though it has a hand-drawn look, the shapes are clean and crisp, as you can see in Figure 3.37. The color is solid and the logo leverages negative space. The branding of KRG is now personal and professional at the same time. Figure 3.37. KRG Logo With the logo cleaned up and refined, it was now time to turn our attention to the KRG website. The approach to the website was to create a sense of cleanliness and sterility. To reinforce that message, I opted for the approach of using minimal texture in the design of the site, as you can see in Figure 3.38. Similar to Nathan Hartwell's website mentioned earlier in this chapter, there aren't even any subtle textures used in the new KRG redesign.

Texture 117 Figure 3.38. The site design The texture of the site, if there is any at all, is in the content itself. The background color and the signature blue/green were alternated for variation, and the emphasis was placed on the images and the content. A slight text-shadow was used on some type for added emphasis and to aid with readability. For now, it’s time for us to move on to the next chapter of this design adventure: typography!

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