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178 The Principles of

178 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design red, or orange, and so on. The overall tone of this image is fine, so I don’t really want to adjust its hue too much, but it’s sometimes necessary to alter the hue if you want to change the overall color of an image. The Saturation slider affects how saturated the colors appear within the image. If you turn the saturation off, you’ll be left with a grayscale image, but if you turn it all the way up, all the colors will be brighter and more dramatic. I want to increase the saturation in the image of the figure, and reduce the saturation of the background image. This will further extenuate the contrast, and give the image the pop that I was talking about before. Figure 5.26. Photoshop Hue/Saturation Controls

Imagery 179 Finally, the image is just about ready for posting! Notice how the figure in Figure 5.27 stands out from the background, and the shading is more even than before. These subtle details make a big difference to the overall effect of the image. To adjust a little more of that detail, I applied an outline stroke around the background block by accessing Layer > Layer Style > Stroke… and giving the block an inside black stroke. Besides making brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, another way to give an image a Photoshop face-lift is by using filters. In photography, a filter is a physical attachment Figure 5.27. Final image after Photoshop tweaking for your camera lens that alters the way a photo looks. These filters are used to capture richer colors, compensate for bad lighting, or make an image feel warmer or cooler. Photoshop filters follow this basic idea, although they do much more than a camera lens attachment. They can be used to create artistic effects, distort images, add texture, and much more. Photoshop comes stocked with a great variety of filters. Some of these can be very useful, and some … well, I find them less useful, but suffice to say that there’s something for everyone. For an idea of what’s possible with filters, I opened a picture of some orchids and ran it through a few of the standard filters in Photoshop. Figure 5.28 shows the results of my experiment.

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