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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!


DSP TUCK SHOP UND KÜCHE As the year 2017 comes to a close, I sit down to write a few words about the tuck shop and the kitchen. Again. As every year over the past 10 years that I have been working there. Is there anything new to write? I am not sure… The work has remained the same: providing healthy lunches for our children, running the tuck shop and catering. So why write? And write what? Does the yearbook really need another article on this topic? Yes, it does. It is important. Firstly: In the past, this article was always written in German only, so half of our readers have not been able to understand it. Secondly: What would the yearbook be without an article about the most important department in the whole school? :-) What would the DSP be without kitchen and tuck shop? Looking back at past yearbooks and remembering all the many activities and functions which took place during this year 2017, I realise that each and every school activity involved the help of the kitchen. Every event required a little – or a lot – of catering: During sports days teachers had a bread roll and a drink to help them survive Saturday duty. Swimming gala guests were welcomed with a little snack. Soccer teams and coaches had food on some trips. Music department had concerts in which the tuck shop was open. During the music week, all the musicians were fed with lunch and snacks so that they would be able to practice and perform their beautiful music. Robotics department requested a VIP catering for their prizegiving ceremony. The kitchen provided catering for the teachers on various occasions such as farewells, end-of-the-year-celebration, and during conferences. The school’s governing bodies received snacks to help them through different late night meetings. The school’s principal Mr. N. Klevenz had various guests who needed to be provided with food during the course of the year. Integration events, Matric and Abi-farewell, school concerts… the list can go on and on. If it said “event”, it had “kitchen” written on its label. :-) Catering for events and functions was planned, prepared, delivered. On time, with a smile. The new improved and larger kitchen facilities which we could use for the first time this year were a great help. However, besides the catering, the most important part of the work of the kitchen was and is to deliver a service to our children: to provide daily healthy lunches for children from the crèche upwards to Matric. This challenging task involves the planning of the menu, ordering and purchasing ingredients, cooking lunches and afternoon snacks under hygienic and healthy conditions, dishing out the food to approximately 280 children, wiping off a tear here and there, cleaning everything afterwards in preparation for the next day, as well as balancing the books.. Once a week, we had Julian Wolf with us in the kitchen to assist us and to learn some practical skills. It was great having him there and seeing his original thoughts and ideas. Like wearing swimming goggles when peeling onions. :-) The tuck shop is run concurrently, also as a service delivery to our children, giving them the opportunity of purchasing healthy snacks and drinks, as well as… yes, unhealthy sweets and cold drinks. The discussion around the issue of a healthier tuck shop is ongoing. May it be said just briefly that the tuck shop is an important platform at which – I hope and trust – children learn various important skills: queuing a line without pushing in, waiting, being polite, budgeting and handling money, cleanliness (“DON’T throw the papers on the floor” is maybe the sentence they hear most from me), and last but not least practicing to speak German. Yes, kitchen and tuck shop play a very important role to play in the school. Work in the kitchen is hard work, like the work of being a mother: always taken for granted and seldom really appreciated. Once again, we can say that we were only able do it through the ongoing help of our support staff which is working tirelessly day in and day out, as well as the assistance of our tuck shop volunteers: parents who work without remuneration on a fortnightly rotational basis, just out of their willingness to assist in the school. These parents invest in all our children by giving their time and energy towards ensuring a smooth running of the tuck shop. In this, the 14 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Ausschüsse & Initiativen

DSP tuck shop is unique: It is not a privately run business, but a service delivery provided by parents to the school community. Tuck shop helpers: three cheers for you! YOU ARE GREAT! Thank you for being there, for helping out, for preparing the tuck shop counter for sales, for filling up the fridges, for making thousands of rolls, toasted cheeses, hot dogs, waffles, wraps, pizzas, cheezas, and for remaining friendly while selling these. For chats and discussions, for laughter and for more than one cup of coffee. Allen Tuck shop Helfern sei ganz, ganz herzlich gedankt für den unermüdlichen Einsatz! Nur durch eure Hilfe können wir auch diesmal sagen: Wir haben es geschafft! Ruthild Lange P.S. Bei allen, die enttäuscht sind, dass der Artikel diesmal in Englisch geschrieben ist, möchte ich mich entschuldigen. Nach 10 Jahren in Deutsch ist nun einfach mal Englisch an der Reihe. Es ist wichtig, dass alle Glieder der Schulgemeinschaft wissen und informiert sind darüber, was Tuck Shop und Küche an der DSP bedeuten. Vielen Dank. SPRACH- UND KULTURAUSTAUSCH- GRUPPE AN DER DSP Dumela, Guten Tag, Goeie Dag, wieder ist ein Jahr zu Ende und wir haben viel gelernt. Wir sind eine zusammen gewürfelte Gruppe, die es sich zum Ziel gemacht hat etwas voneinander zu lernen und das betrifft nicht nur die Sprache, sonder auch darum ein Verständnis, Akzeptanz und Toleranz der anderen Kultur mit der wir leben zu entwickeln und zu vertiefen. We learned about German / South African cultures, our rainbow nation, etiquette, greetings, taboos, handshakes and lots more and we are looking forward to an exciting 2018. Dolly du Plessis DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Ausschüsse & Initiativen 15

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