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DSP Jahrbuch 2017/ DSP Yearbook 2017

Browse through an eventful 2017 with our current yearbook!


TAGESHEIM AFTERSCHOOL CARE Hausaufgaben Service Wir bieten Ihnen: • Hausaufgabenunterstützung und Betreuung des Schülerkreises der Grund- und Sekundarstufe • Pädagogische Aktivitäten, wie Spiel- und Bastelangebote und bauelementarische Projekte • Freispiel auf einem großzügig angelegten Außengelände sowie den Innenräumen • Ganztägige Ferienbetreuung mit Ferienprogramm und Ausflug • Die deutsche Sprache und Kultur pflegen und fördern • Gesellige Zusammenkünfte mit Eltern, Kindern und Mitarbeitern Wir sind Montag bis Freitag von 12:00 – 17:30 für Sie da. Sie können Ihr Kind bei uns flexibel anmelden! VS beim Backen 68 DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Tagesheim VS-Klasse

Heritage Day Balanceakt Facepaint Freizeitspiel 6 Dienstjahre als Assistentin im Tagesheim: Gaby Oosthuizen I started working as an Aftercare Assistant at the Tagesheim in September 2011 during my gap year after returning from America where I was a summer camp counsellor. A friend of mine was assisting at the Tagesheim and suggested that I try it out. I initially thought that I would only work there for a few months. Those few months turned into 6 happy years. One of the most wonderful treats of staying at the TH for so long has been to see the children grow up and blossom in front of my eyes. In 2012 I started studying at the University of Pretoria and was able to complete my BA Law Degree as well as my LLB degree while working at the TH. My loves of children then lead me to acquire a certificate in Early Childhood Development as well. Working at the TH has allowed me to be creative in coming up with games and crafts that have been equally enjoyable for me and the children. One of my favourite pastimes at the TH has been opening the many craft cupboards and figuring out what to make with the kids. Watching the children play, interact and imagine has taught me many simple lessons: Say sorry, move on and carry on playing together. Get excited about the small things in life. Laugh loudly and often! Give love freely. Children have much to teach us! I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to work at the DSP. The staff have been wonderful and incredibly supportive, and we have had fun together. I am so thankful to Rosi for always accommodating me. I will miss all the hugs I get from the children, the innocent secrets they share and the funny questions they ask very seriously. I am very sad to leave after so many delightful years, but I know that my next adventure awaits. Gaby Oosthuizen Hüpfspaß Tagesheim Rosemarie Luttenberger & Gaby Oosthuizen DSP Jahrbuch 2017 – Tagesheim 69

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